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Watch the Night 「夜を見る Yoru o Miru」 is the 342nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Ichika Yami tells Asta about the Yami Clan's history as assassins known as "Kijin" and as warriors who gained notoriety during the age of wars in the Hino Country. The clan was later made protectors of Goshu, which was ruled by the Ryudo Clan. According to legend, a five-headed dragon's rampage was stopped by a heavenly maiden, and the dragon's magic power bled into the sea, turning it black and stagnant, twisting space-time, and connecting to hell.

When she was a child, her father fought with Sukehiro and decried the clan's role as guards, seeing it as below them. Concerned for her brother, Ichika pleaded with her father, but he was further angered because of her resemblance to his dead wife, as well as her being a weak girl. He swung his sword at her, but Sukehiro blocked it with his own. His father was delighted to see Sukehiro's power, rating it above regional lord's son and believing Sukehiro could be the strongest of the clan. Sukehiro did not care about that and left with his sister to go fishing. As they left, their father called out that they would continue training once Sukehiro returned.[1]

While fishing, Sukehiro managed to reel in a Demon Tiger Pufferfish. Some of the other townspeople discussed its poison and its delicious meat and complimented Sukehiro's fishing skills. They were soon joined by Ryuya Ryudo. When Ichika formally addressed Ryuya, he insisted that she call him "Ryu" like her brother did. Sukehiro, however, pointed out that their friendliness did not erase their differences in social standing. Ryuya countered with his dream to one day make the country a place where everyone could happily live together, regardless of rank and magic power. Although Sukehiro brushed it off as a dream, he did admit to liking the idea.[2]

As Ichika is telling Asta the story, she also admits to having liked Ryuya's dream. However, she points out that Sukehiro lied at that time and eventually lived up to their father's dream of Sukehiro being a "Kijin". She then reveals that at age 13, Sukehiro killed the rest of their clan, including their father. Ichika witnessed this with Ryuya. Asta is shocked by the story, and Ichika continues, saying that Sukehiro fled and must have found life easier in the Clover Kingdom. She does not see any sense in trusting such a man. Believing there must be a mistake, Asta insists on his trust and belief in Yami. Ichika and Asta argue over this, with neither backing down, so Ichka decides that they should settle the matter with a serious fight. She then pulls out her scroll, draws her katana, and coats her sword and body with Dark Magic.[3]

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