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Hazy 「朧 Oboro」 is the 341st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Komari Imari, Daizaemon Ōoka, and Jozou Hanegatsuji, members of the Ryuzen Seven, are training Asta to utilize Zetten better, he loses to all three. Daizaemon has heard about Asta from Ryuya Ryudo and welcomes him to the Hino Country while laughing loudly. Jozou points to Asta being unconscious, which makes Humito Mikuriya go heal him. Komari is fascinated by Asta's hair color and wonders if it is his actual hair color since hers is dyed. She asks if anyone else in the Clover Kingdom has the same hair color, to which Asta responds that there are different types of hair colors, which surprises and excites Komari. Jozou questions Komari's attire, since she is a ninja and her outfit is not fit for stealth. Komari counters that Jozou's mask is more bizarre. Komari tells Jozou to stop being so stressed and be happy. Jozou remarks that she is embarrassing and will give Asta the wrong impression of Hino's culture. Komari sees this as harsh and explains her reasoning for her looks, saying the country needs more energy and that she will pep the whole place up. Humito thinks that her attire could spread in Hino, the idea of which Jozou hates. Daizaemon finds the outfits arousing, which grosses out Komari. Ryuya laughs at the three's antics and thanks them for coming to help Asta, knowing that they are busy. The three then get excited to see him and say they will do anything for him. Ryuya asks Asta if he can continue, with Asta agreeing immediately that he can, so the training continues.

As it turns to dusk, Asta is exhausted and complains about how they kept beating him. He is surprised that they beat him without using magic and that they were super tough with just Zetten alone. After sparring with four of the Ryuzen Seven, he realized that Zetten can be used differently and everyone has their own style for it. Asta still has to practice on finding his opponent's openings and has to learn to use Zetten perfectly at the same time. He complains that this will be rough to do.

Asta wonders how the rest are doing in Clover and how Hino's sky always seems to be cloudy. Asta is then surprised that Ichika Yami is standing next to him. Unsure how to refer to her, he asks what her age is and says he is 18 years old, to which she responds that she is 24 years old. Asta is shocked, having thought they were the same age. Ichika questions if this means he thought she was childish. Asta explains that it is because she looks youthful. Asta settles on using "-san" with her name, but she replies that just "Ichika" works.

Ichika comments that Ryuya asked her to look after him. When Asta asks where Ryuya is, she explains that despite his appearance, Ryuya is extremely busy in trying to stabilize the government of Hino. He is assisted by his special right eye, the Tengentsu, which can see everything that is happening in the present. Asta wonders what this Tengentsu is and why that makes Ryuya amazing. Ichika calls him a fool and then enthusiastically explains Ryuya's deeds: Instead of magic power, Ryuya used his Tengentsu, wisdom, and popularity to unite the warring and fragmented state of Hino. She adds that Asta would never understand how much Ryuya has done.

After her speech, Ichika goes back to her formal way of talking. She cannot stand Asta but she will train him for Ryuya. Asta sees that Ichika trusts Ryuya so much, to which she agrees since he is not only her shogun but her benefactor as he also saved her life. Asta then says that both Yami Sukehiro's friend and his sister are amazing, saying that they also have similar ki to him. Asta considers Sukehiro to be his benefactor since the captain was the first one to acknowledge him and his dream of becoming Wizard King. He adds that the Black Bulls all very proud of their captain despite is rough demeanor. Ichika interrupts and reminds Asta that she does not want to hear about Sukehiro. Asta is surprised that she is not more curious about her brother, and then recalls Sukehiro's story about being a fisherman and washing ashore in Clover. Ichika brushes the story off as lies, and states that Sukehiro is the worst scum and that she does not want to hear about him. Shocked and confused, Asta does not think a sibling should say that. Ichika then reveals that Sukehiro massacred their entire clan

A young Ichika shouted after her brother. Standing near a torii gate in the water, Sukehiro turned and told her to stick close to him.

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