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Wounded Beasts 「手負いの獣 Teoi no Kemono」 is the 34th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Asta and Leopold are rampaging against the five hooded mages as if they have nothing to lose. Fortunately, reinforcements are also coming to their side. Will this fight ends with their victory or they would plunge even deeper into the predicament?


With the arrival of five mages who are aligned with Rades Spirito and Valtos, Asta is immediately engaged in a fight against them. Subsequently, Leopold Vermillion also enters the fray as both of them are rampaging against their opponents. Noelle Silva is also assisting him by conjuring a barrier while remain close to Fuegoleon Vermillion's body. Unfortunately, one of the mages is able to easily destroy her spell. In the commotion, Asta and Leopold charge towards one of the mages, George, but they are quickly defeated by his spell.[1]

As the five mages are about to kill both of the young Knights, the Knights whom were sent away by Valtos, return and intercept the attacks. Subsequently, Nozel Silva immediately launches an attack towards them when he sees Valtos is suggesting his comrades to escape and avoid the fight. Unfortunately, his spell is easily neutralized by one of the mages, Sally, who also decides to take Asta along with them. Before they leave, one of the mages declares themselves as the group whom would be the cause of Clover Kingdom's demise, the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[2]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

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