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Zetten 「絶天」 is the 339th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta, who is still confused Yami Sukehiro has a sister, tells Ichika that Yami never mentioned her, to which Ichika says she does not care about him either. Ryuya Ryudo starts to notice the citizens questioning Asta's hair color, arm and if he might be a foreigner, so Ryuya decides to pick up Asta and Ichika and rush them to see how Liebe is doing with Humito Mikuriya.

Ryuya, Asta, and Ichika arrive at a house next to a bamboo forest. When they enter, a large floating goldfish comes from the door, startling Asta. Humito is glad that Asta looks better, and Ryuya introduces Asta to Humito, mentioning that he is a Healing Yojutsu genius. Humito admits that since he has never healed a devil before, it took longer than Asta. Liebe is then spat out of the fish's mouth and into Asta's palm. Asta is relieved to see Liebe is fine and that they are finally reunited in this foreign land, at which Liebe blushes and agrees. Humito then serves everyone a meal. Asta compliments the cooking, and Ryuya comments that Humito is also a cooking genius. Humito thanks Ryuya for the compliment.

Asta having a great time immediately remembers his loss and desperately asks Ryuya for a way back to the Clover Kingdom as soon as possible. Ryuya tells Asta again that he will lose to Lucius Zogratis if he goes back now and he should know this too. Asta denies this, saying he can try again and still pondering that he could not save Lily Aquaria and that he has to save everyone. He begs Ryuya, who responds that he has time to train before going back. Asta, however, does not believe Ryuya's claim and that more training could make him stronger. Ichika then slaps Asta in the face to bring him back to his senses, which scares Ryuya and Humito. Ichika says she has no idea what is happening in Clover and she does not care if Asta dies, only that he is alive thanks to Ryuya for finding them and Humito for healing them. Ichika confirms foreigners are seen as disasters in the Hino Country, and while Ryuya seems an incomprehensible foreigner to Asta, he is a great Shogun, so if Asta ignores his warnings, she will cut him down here and now. She also criticizes Asta for foolishly taking their kindness for granted.

Now calmed down, Asta thanks everyone for saving him and Liebe, and swears to repay them. Ryuya dismisses it and agrees that Lucius is a major threat, as he will attack Hino eventually. Ryuya says that due to Lucius's overwhelming power, Asta cannot fight head on and should instead end the fight quickly. As such, Ryuya suggets that Asta learns Zetten. Asta remembers Ichika using it but also realizes that he himself has no magic to use for it. Ryuya tells him to watch Ichika's demonstration and focus on her ki. Ryuya explains that ki is the flow of life energy, which everybody unconsciously manipulates when using magic. Zetten involves taking the yoryoku inside yourself and making it erupt all at once in a precise strike. After using Zetten to slice a bamboo stalk in half, Ichika explains that the strike's power is determined by the amount of magic power you use and the speed. Ichika then orders Asta to try it, but Humito points out that it takes many years to master and only the Ryuzen Seven can accomplish it. Meanwhile, Asta is mumbling to himself how he never thought of using ki that way, similar to how mages use Mana Skin, and his contract with Liebe makes it even more possible. Ryudo suggests that Asta utilize the Anti Magic flowing through his body.

Asta readies his arm for Zetten and launches his shot, but nothing happens, making Mikuriya believe in his idea that it is too early to master. However, the bamboo erodes in half, shocking Ichika and Humito. Ryuya laughs and mentions that the bamboo is grown with magic power. Seeing as Asta has a solid foundation for Zetten, Ryuya tells Asta to continue to get more experience with it. Asta then thanks Ichika and the rest for the technique, with hope now regained on his face that he can get stronger.

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