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Trouble on a Foreign Road 「委細巨細異国道中 Iza-koza Ikoku Dōchū」 is the 338th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta, surprised that he is in the Hino Country, suddenly realizes that this is where Yami Sukehiro used to live and now is unsure how to get back to the Clover Kingdom. Ryuya Ryudo reassures Asta that Lucius Zogratis is not planning to do anything anytime soon. Asta then questions what Ryuya is and his role as a shogun, to which Ryuya simply replies that it is sort of like Clover's Wizard King, shocking Asta completely. Ryuya just laughs it off and asks Asta that he can simply call him "Ryu" for short. Asta answers while he cannot sense magic, he does not feel that Ryuya is that strong. Ryuya agrees with Asta which surprises Asta again; however, Ichika is less tolerant of Asta's behavior, considering it disrespectful to the Shogun. Asta apologizes, although Ryuya does not mind and tells Ichika to take it easy. Using ki, Asta senses how mad Ichika is and finds her ki to be familiar but also dangerous.[1]

Since Asta has landed in unknown territory, Ryuya wants to ease him into the land, by taking a tour around the town. As they walk around the town, Ryuya asks for Asta's impressions on Hino. Asta is amazed by all the new stuff he has never seen before, like scrolls being the Hino Country's version of grimoires. Ryuya says that in Hino Country, magic is called "yojutsu" and magic power is called "yoryoku," wowing Asta.

Asta then sees similar Nomatatoes from his home town of Hage. This instantly makes him feel very comfortable; however, when he sees a brother and sister also going for Nomatatoes, Asta is reminded of his past with Lily Aquaria, and his trauma when she became a Paladin and asked him to die for world peace. Ryuya senses something and heads over to the civilians, asking them to move and observe something. Asta also senses something with ki and shouts for Ryu, but all of a sudden, the wall breaks down, revealing four bandits going after food and valuables. Citizens start running away as the chaos unfolds. Asta realizes that every country has bad guys and shouts for Ryuya. Ryuya is safe and he saved the civilians with his foresight by moving them out of the way of the wall breaking. The bandits eventually notice Ryuya in front of them and question who he is. Ryuya admits that he is no threat to them since he has no magic power of his own, which surprises Asta too.

Ryuya orders Ichika to take care of the bandits, which she accepts. The bandits laugh that a little girl is his bodyguard and think she will be pathetic. Ichika denies this and calls them fools while powering up her ki, enhancing her physical strength and speed. Ichika's palm thrusts send them crashing into a wall, which breaks behind them from the force of her attacks. Asta is confused how she dramatically multiplied her ki and used Dark Magic. The citizens cheer for her, calling her Yami and one of the Ryuzen Seven, which shocks Asta. He immediately asks if she is related to Yami, but Ichika, instead of answering, grabs him by the head for getting too close to her. Laughing at the sight, Ryuya confirms that she is Yami's little sister, and suggests that Asta should train with the Ryuzen Seven to get stronger. While Asta is completely shocked at this new information, Ichika makes it very clear to Asta that while Ryuya is being nice to him, she will not be as she cannot stand men like Asta.[2]

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