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Whereabouts 「行方 Yukue」 is the 337th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


At the Black Bull's base, Magna Swing and Luck Voltia are having a rivalry battle. Charmy Pappitson tries to calm the situation down with food, while Gauche Adlai is annoyed and Grey and Gordon Agrippa are worried, as Nacht Faust told them to behave. Magna refuses to listen to Grey as he believes following Nacht already ruins their reputation. However, Nacht appears and tells him to continue ruining the reputation with their childish squabble.

Nacht reports to all of the Bulls that Asta is deceased, explaining to them that he was inflicted with a lethal wound and was erased with Spatial Magic, and considering those circumstances, should only see his fate as death. Everyone is shocked to hear this news. Magna is in disbelief and while Nacht says that those are the facts, he cannot help but believe Asta is alive, since he has not seen the body yet. The Bulls accept Nacht's point of view and unanimously agree that Asta is not dead and set off to find and bring him back.

Asta awakens in an empty room. The door suddenly opens with what Asta mistakes as Charmy. He is quickly corrected that it is a doll that gives out tea. The doll then leaves after giving tea to Asta. The mysterious man asks how Asta's feeling, which makes Asta question who this person is and how he knows his name. Asta realizes the wound from Lucius Zogratis is healed, and is surprised anyone else could a heal a wound like this apart from Mimosa Vermillion. Asta asks if the guy with him did this, but he tells Asta it was a friend that healed him, as he does not have that kind of power. Asta asks about Liebe's whereabouts. The guy tells him the same friend is healing him right now, while insisting Asta drink his tea. Asta is surprised again when this man knows about devils and senses no hostility from his ki. He asks if this guy is friends with Charmy, while the guy knows about her, he has never met her, but he is childhood friends with Yami Sukehiro, which shocks Asta. Asta sees the resemblance in both Yami's and this guy's ki. The last time they met each other was when Yami was 13 years old. He asks Asta if he still takes long dumps, to which Asta agrees that he does. The guy also says Yami was very bossy at a young age, the same way he is now to Asta. Yami is also fearful of moths, he would go pale with one close by; Asta is interested in something Yami fears, but is too scared to try it on him.

Losing track of time, Asta thanks his saviors for fixing him up, but he has to get back home. The guy says no need to be stressed about it since Asta needs time to heal and is still heartbroken by being nearly killed by the one he loves and the one he admires. Asta wonders how this guy knows all of this, and with a pause, the guy says that it is nothing and he can see what he wants to see. He also tells Asta that if he goes back now, he will lose again, which makes Asta sweat in fear. The guy adds that Asta cannot get back home by himself anyway. As the lady opens the doors to show the country Asta is now in, the guy introduces himself as Ryuya Ryudo, the current Shogun of the Land of the Sun, a place very, very far away from the Clover Kingdom. He tells Asta to make himself at home and while he is here, get stronger.

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