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The Final Enemy 「最後の敵 Saigo no Teki」 is the 336th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The nobles of the Clover Kingdom are troubled by the conflicting rumors about Julius Novachrono. Yuno Grinberryall arrives in the Royal Capital and gathers with the Magic Knight Captains. They listen to Secre Swallowtail, Noelle Silva, and Mimosa Vermillion recount the events of Lucius Zogratis's attack and Asta's disappearance. The captains are bothered by Asta's apparent death, and Rill Boismortier tries to lighten the mood with a joke but fails. Yami Sukehiro calls on Nacht Faust, who emerges from a shadow and reports that he cannot reach Asta's shadow, meaning Asta is too far away or dead. Fuegoleon Vermillion mentions that Lucius, therefore Julius, is their enemy, and Jack the Ripper compares it to their previous conflict with the Elf Tribe. Nozel Silva connects that as a Zogratis, Lucius is related to the Dark Triad but stronger than them since Lucius has taken control of all the devils in the underworld. Rill adds that Lucius has Lucifero's magic power and Julius's Time Magic, and worries about that combination's potential, which Fuegoleon echoes. Yuno reports that when he investigated the devil activity at the border, he found Adramelech and a group of higher ranked devils and Adramelech merely avoided their attacks. This leads Yuno to believe that Lucius has access to the underworld and sent the devils as a distraction. Fuegoleon turns discussion to the mysterious Soul Magic and its ability to control minds and to impart power greater than devils'. Kaiser Granvorka questions if Judgment Day means that the Paladins will attack in a week.

Reflecting on his rivalry with Asta, Yuno admits that he always saw Asta as ahead of him, even when he outranked Asta. Yuno resolves to defeat Lucius and become the Wizard King in Asta's stead. Meanwhile, Adramelech returns to Lucius's throne room, where Lucius is accompanied by four others, including Lily Aquaria and Damnatio Kira. The devil reports on Yuno's incredible increase in power, having defeated the other devils instantly. Lucius mentions that in all of the futures he has foreseen, Yuno is the one advantage his enemies have, so he resolves to crush Yuno for his world peace.[1]

Asta has washed up on a beach and is found by a man.[2]

Magic and Spells used[]

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