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Severance 「断絶 Danzetsu」 is the 335th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta crashes into a rooftop while Lucius Zogratis and Lily Aquaria watch from above. Despite his heavy breathing and bleeding, Asta refuses to give up, but Lucius refutes this as a bluff and that he only has a few more moments to live. Noelle Silva screams Asta's name as she charges with Mimosa Vermillion and Secre Swallowtail towards Lucius and Lily. Noelle fires a Sea Dragon's Roar at them both; however, Lily stops the spell with Spatial Magic, which confuses Noelle. Lucius explains that she was bestowed with the power of the devil Beelzebub when he used his Soul Magic to incarnate the devil and purify it within Lily. Noelle deduces that this is not really Julius Novachrono due to the different magic attribute, further confusing her, so she demands Lucius explain what is going on.

Lucius explains that he has taken total control of all the remaining devils in the underworld, including the highest-ranking devils. Since humans with devil power become newer, higher lifeforms, with increased wisdom and nearly immortal bodies, Lucius intends to use the devils to create Paladins—such as Lily—warriors who will fight for his world. Lucius also intends to rule over everyone, not as the Wizard King, but as the Magic Great Emperor.

Mimosa decides to head to Asta and heal him right away, but her, Secre, and Noelle are stopped by Lily who traps them within her Sacred Mana Domination spell, dissolving their spells. Lily explains that it severs space and is grateful to Lucius for bestowing this power to her. She tells the women to not worry as they will understand Lucius's righteousness soon. Noelle pleads for Lily to stop, but Lily ignores her. Lily repeats that Asta's death will make things right in this world, and as she teleports him away, Asta swears that he will save Lily. Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre watch on in horror helplessly, and Noelle screams out Asta's name.[1]

With Lucius's goal of removing all flaws completed, he can finally continue to his next goal of recreating humanity and announces that there seven days left until Judgment Day, the final Holy War to bring about his new world. He has foreseen the results and the Magic Knights' resistance, including the Magic Knight Captains, who are now rushing toward him. William Vangeance and Fuegoleon Vermillion confuse Lucius for Julius, but Yami Sukehiro senses that although the ki and magic are completely different to Julius's, the body and face are undeniably the same. As Yami shouts out Julius's name, Lucius and Lily teleport away.[2]


  • Asta and Liebe vs. Lucius Zogratis

Magic and Spells used[]

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