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Fragile Soul 「脆い魂 Moroi Tamashī」 is the 334th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta and Liebe concentrate Unite on their right arm, thus extending their usage time in the form to 10 minutes, as well as making their attacks denser and stronger. Asta swipes with the Demon-Slasher Katana, but Lucius Zogratis teleports away. Asta pleads for Lily Aquaria to leave the area. As Asta charges at him, Lucius creates several Time Magic spheres, so Asta cuts through them all, as only Anti Magic is the counter of Time Magic. Lucius follows up with an offensive Time Magic spell, which carves through the wall of a nearby building, but Asta negates it with Demon-Destroyer Sword. While Asta is distracted telling the citizens to run away from the battlefield, Lucius teleports behind him and touches his head. However, nothing happens, which mildly annoys Lucius, who is then forced to teleport away by Asta's counterattack.

Resorting to physical attacks, Lucius punches at Asta, missing and destroying part of the building. Asta recognizes Lucifero's fighting style but is not worried since he and Liebe are stronger now. Asta then dodges Lucius's punch and pushes him back. Asta then swaps his katana for the Demon-Dweller Sword and fires a Black Slash at Lucius. Lucius dodges the attack, so Asta negates Lucius's teleportation and instantly follows up with another Black Slash.[1]

Lucius declares that Asta's power is a threat to world peace, so Lucius draws on his own devil power, explaining that he was born into a family of devil hosts but has developed a method to purify devil power and turn into a sacred power for humans. As he says this, his black horns, wings, and forehead mark turn white, and his body and clothes are coated in a light-colored aura. His grimoire reverts to its covered version and also turns white. Asta can tell from his ki that Lucius is no longer a human nor a devil. Lucius then teleports again, and Asta tracks the movement and is shocked to see Lily is held hostage by Lucius, pointing his finger at her head. Lucius explains the mechanics of his Soul Magic, which allows him to manipulate the souls of anyone he touches. Asta questions what Lucius is planning to do with her while also trying to find a solution to save Lily. Asta determines that Black Slash is too risky because it could hurt Lily but he does not have the time to draw his katana.

Lucius then demonstrates his power, transforming Lily with the same purified devil power. Lily then requests that Asta die for world peace, which completely stuns him. Taking advantage of Asta's shock, Lucius, with his bare hand, slashes Asta across the chest. As Asta falls, Lucius dismisses him as fragile soul who had no hope of winning and bids farewell to the world's flaw.[2]


  • Asta and Liebe vs. Lucius Zogratis

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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