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The World's Savior and Its Flaw 「世界の救世主と欠陥 Sekai no Kyūseishu to Kekkan」 is the 333rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Lucius Zogratis was born with the greatest potential as a devil host in the history of his family, as well as with two souls in one body. This made him question why he was born that way and what they were to accomplish. In their search for answers, they contracted with Astaroth, a highest-ranking devil with Time Magic. Lucius eventually foresaw a future for true peace in the world, but his other soul, Julius rebuffed the idea. Having also foreseen Julius's betrayal, Lucius was disappointed in him not sharing the vision despite how close they were. Lucius touched Julius's forehead and reassured him that they would bring peace to the world.[1]

Asta and the others are puzzled by the Wizard King's changed appearance, but Asta realizes that it is not Julius and asks who he is. Lucius encompasses the tower with a Chrono Stasis, trapping everyone in stopped time. However, when he approaches Asta and reaches out to tap his forehead, Asta activates his black form, freeing himself, and Lucius suddenly moves away from Asta and lands on the balcony railing. Lucius remarks that Anti Magic is a power that breaks natural law. Asta notes that everyone is trapped in a Time Magic spell like Julius's but on a larger scale. Lucius admits that he is more powerful now that he has absorbed Lucifero into himself. Through his ki, Asta senses Lucifero's and is confused by the mix of devil and human in Lucius. Asta then demands to know the whereabouts of Julius. While breaking off and levitating part of the balcony, Lucius introduces himself and claims that Julius is dead, which shocks Asta. Lucius explains that Julius had completed his part in their plan for true world peace. Lucius continues, saying that he and his siblings will destroy humanity and utilize their magic to recreate everyone as equal in every respect to each other, but adds that he will rule over everyone as the final Wizard King in order to prevent any flaws.

Asta is left confused by the speech, but Lucius assures him that everything has gone as foreseen, except Asta himself. Since Asta is a magic-less person, Lucius considers him a flaw to be eliminated. After pondering about what Lucius has said, Asta calls Lucius a jerk for calling him a flaw and for taking over Julius's body. Asta disagrees with Lucius's plan and explanation since Julius risked his life for others. Denying that Julius could die so easily, Asta promises to stop Lucius and save Julius. When Lucius boasts that he is stronger than Julius, Asta unites with Liebe and draws the Demon-Destroyer Sword in order to break the Time Magic spell, freeing everyone—who are alarmed by the sudden change. Asta then brandishes the Demon-Slasher Katana and declares that he will surpass the Wizard King.[2]

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