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Final Declaration 「最終宣言 Saishū Sengen」 is the 332nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Lucius Zogratis travelled to the lowest level of the underworld and fought the other half of Lucifero. After being defeated, the King of Devils was in disbelief that he lost as Devils like him possesses the strongest types of magic, which Lucius agreed on but pointed out that humans are better at using it. While restraining the devil with Time Magic, Lucius extracted Lucifero's heart and seemingly ate it.[1]

A year and three months later, the Magic Knights hold a special awards ceremony for Asta. In attendance are the Magic Knight Captains (except Kaiser Granvorka), his foster family (except Yuno Grinberryall), and some of his friends. Asta is awarded the rank of 1st Class Senior Magic Knight. Fuegoleon Vermillion explains that Damnatio Kira's disappearance postponed the trial and ceremony but that Asta's eventual declaration of innocence has allowed them to reward him. Asta is just happy for the Captains to acknowledge him, and Fuegoleon adds that Asta is close to achieving his dream but is behind Yuno, who was raised to the rank of Grand Magic Knight. While Asta is not too bothered by being outranked, Rill Boismortier is upset over losing his record as the youngest ever Grand Magic Knight.[2]

Afterwards, everyone retires to the banquet hall and enjoys the feast. There is some discussion about Julius Novachrono's whereabouts. Asta mentions the rumor that Fuegoleon, Nozel Silva, and Mereoleona Vermillion are candidates for becoming the next Wizard King. Nozel admits that they all declined, postponing the decision. Fuegoleon notes that fighting devils has shown how much stronger they need to become, and adds that even though the Spade and Heart Kingdoms are recovering, they cannot become lax since devil-like activity is occurring near the borders of the Clover Kingdom. Yuno, the Golden Dawn, and Black Bulls are currently investigating those activities.

When Yami Sukehiro approaches Charlotte Roselei, Jack the Ripper, and Rill to thank them for supporting Asta, Charlotte stutters and then runs off. Yami questions her odd behavior ever since the Spade Kingdom Raid, so Finral Roulacase explains to him that Charlotte confessed her love when Yami almost died. Speechless, Yami heads to the toilet to think and puzzles over her emotional reactions. Meanwhile, Asta looks over at Sister Lily and decides that he is going to confess his love again. Noticing that Noelle Silva and Mimosa Vermillion are flustered over their own feeling for Asta, Secre Swallowtail whispers to them that Asta is going to be confessing his love, which further flusters the pair, much to Secre's entertainment.[3]

Asta invites Lily out onto a balcony, with Noelle, Secre, and Mimosa watching from a window. Since he is now 18 years old, Asta proposes one last time. Lily turns him down gently since he is family, and Asta finally accepts her refusal and repeats his vow to become the Wizard King, for which Lily voices her support. Lucius then appears on the balcony and declares that Asta has reached his final destination.[4]

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells
  1. Time Magic (Flashback)
  2. Recombination Magic (in vision)
  1. The Raging Black Bull (in vision)


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