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The One Who Waits Deep in the Darkness 「闇の奥で待つ者 Yami no Oku de Matsu Mono」 is the 32nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The perpetrator of the corpse invasion is finally apprehended. However, his accomplice is still at large. Would Rades' group be able to complete their assassination mission?


After a slight struggle, Leopold Vermillion and Noelle Silva are finally able to defeat No.3 - David. Fuegoleon Vermillion immediately praised their achievement before restraining Rades Spirito with his spell. Subsequently, he immediately confiscates the latter's grimoire in which he is surprised to learn that Rades is only capable of using a single spell.[1]

While still being restrained, someone begins to talk to Rades through the latter's earphone and informs the latter that they will proceed according to their plan. At the same time, Fuegoleon once again asks him in regards to his group's true objective. Rades then reveals that their mission is to assassinate him, the captain of the Crimson Lion squad. A Spatial Magic spell is conjured beneath the captain and immediately transports him to an unknown location, where he meets an unexpected person.[2]

Meanwhile, Leopold quickly demands an answer from Rades in the wake of his brother's disappearance. Unfortunately, Rades ignores the nobleman as he falls into hysteria. Noelle tries to explains that he is not the cause of Fuegoleon's disappearance while also trying to locate the Spatial Magic user. Suddenly, Asta charges towards a pile of corpses and slams it with his sword and finds Valtos, the man whom has been using the Spatial Magic spell throughout the invasion. Uninjured by Asta's attack, the said man immediately teleported himself away from them before commending Asta for being able to locate him. Subsequently, Valtos opens another portal where the lifeless body of Fuegoleon falls from it.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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