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Make It Home Alive 「生きて帰る Ikite Kaeru」 is the 311th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Ever since Zenon Zogratis had met Yuno Grinberryall, he could not help but sense something similar to himself in him, Zenon wonders why him and Yuno are similar yet have made different choices in life, Yuno says that he cannot answer, because his vow with Asta is not yet done. Zenon then remembers how Allen Fiarain saw Zenon as a rival and when their vow to see who becomes the next Commander in Chief began before fully succumbing to his injuries.

The group that fought Megicula watch the tower that Yuno and Zenon fought in collapse, Asta is surprised at how much damage was made to it while Nacht Faust confirms that Yuno has defeated Zenon using Plumede, Asta grins at the comment for Yuno's victory, with Zenon defeated, Nacht states that all of the Dark Triad are dealt with and yet why is the Qliphoth still continuing the process, we then see Floga and Potrof get overwhelmed by the devils that keep coming back from the damage of the Spirit Guardians.

At the Clover Kingdom, Marx Francois comforts Julius Novachrono as he starts to collapse from the feeling that something enormous will emerge soon.

Dorothy Unsworth is then seen being beaten by Moris Libardirt, he comments on how Dream magic is invincible, or it would be if not for his devil-boosted magic being able to affect intangible concepts, Dorothy also comments about how Nacht's messenger told her to intervene Moris, but she had no clue how strong he would actually be, Moris decides to entertain himself with Dorothy while awaiting the second gate to open.

Moris says that Lotus Whomalt does not interest him like Dorothy does, and so if he retracts his betrayal he will spare Lotus, Lotus rejects the notion because he thinks that his family will not be able to live happily in a world full of Devils, Moris comments on the love for Lotus's family, but Moris no longer needs those feelings of love, as he's only a messenger for the ultimate Devil Lucifero, Lucifero using the mark on Moris's forehead then comments on how Moris is more reasonable than Dante Zogratis was, Lucifero then states that Megicula's plan was seen by it and says that it was a good lab rat and test for its own plan, once the second gate opens Lucifero will finally emerge.

Moris says that now that he has modified the Tree of Qliphoth itself with his magic, and he no longer needs the Dark Triad to advance it and only needs Yami Sukehiro's and William Vangeance's life cores and their magic to keep opening the gates to the Underworld. Dorothy is worried about the two captains while Moris states he has the best seats in the house and uses his Modification Magic to operate on devils to be combined as one being. Moris then says that they can watch the King of Devils come out together depending on whether if they survive or not before then. Lotus wants to flee but he risks staying because he wants his family to be safe from devils; however, he also cannot die so he can return alive to the ones he loves. Moris's modified devil then attacks Lotus, causing scratches on him and he starts to bleed even more with his right arm also amputated.

Lotus and Moris hear a rumbling, and Yami twitches. The Raging Black Bull then comes crashing in while also destroying the modified devil with Mana Rocket Punch. Gauche Adlai, Grey, Gordon Agrippa, Vanessa Enoteca, and Henry Legolant then state that they are here to pick up Captain Yami as they rush towards him.


  • Yuno Grinberryall vs. Zenon Zogratis

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