The Crimson Lion King 「紅蓮の獅子王 Guren no Shishiō」 is the 31st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

A captain of a Magic Knight squad is finally taking the fight into his own hands. Will Fuegoleon just swiftly finish the fight or is a lesson on combat strategy in session?


Hearing that a captain is acknowledging him, Asta tries to continue his fight. Fortunately, Fuegoleon Vermillion prevents him from overexerting himself while querying about Rades Spirito's attack patterns. The rogue mage then reveals his reason for attacking the Royal Capital, although leaving another reason for the invasion to himself.[1]

Rades then summons his finest corpse, No.1 - Carl, to fight Fuegoleon. After he checks on his younger brother, Fuegoleon begins his assault on Rades and his corpse. Surprisingly, it is able to withstand the captain's Leo Rugiens. As Rades reveals his corpse's abilities, Carl's high-speed attacks force Fuegoleon into a defensive position. In contrast to his seemingly cornered condition, the Crimson Lion's captain is easily able to notice the weak point of the corpse's defense magic and exploits it with Sol Linea, incinerating the corpse puppet.[2]

Subsequently, Fuegoleon begins to give a speech that manages to encourage the younger Magic Knights while also intimidating Rades. Asta becomes completely amazed as he sees Fuegoleon's performances during a fight as a Knight and a captain.[3]



Magic and Spells used

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