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Bring Him Back 「連れて帰る Tsurete Kaeru」 is the second chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Yami Sukehiro tells the three that if they want to take him so badly, then they will have to try and make him. Asta manages to use his Demon-Slayer Sword to swipe Yami's sword away. Yami says that if they mess with the bull, then they will get the horns. Asta notices Yami's ki, and as Yami releases his mana, the three notice that this mana belongs to their captain. Yami tells them to try not to bore him and charges at Asta, who manages to counter Yami's attack. Asta says that he was trained by Captain Yami and that there is no way that he will back down from someone like him. Yami says that Asta is not all talk and wonders just how good Asta really is. Yami attacks Asta, but Noelle uses her Sea Dragon's Nest to protect Asta. Noelle thinks about how Yami uses Dark Magic and that it is capable of absorbing and overpowering offensive power so randomly attacking is not going to work. She decides to support Asta for now. As Yami gets angry, Noelle wonders if she is his next target. Yami shouts that they are cheating by fighting with their grimoires and demands that they fight him fairly. Noelle, Finral Roulacase, and Asta are shocked to hear this.

Noelle asks where Yami's grimoire is, to which Yami replies that he does not have one yet. Finral realizes that everyone gets their grimoire at the age of 15 and that this Yami is too young to have received his yet. Finral also thinks about how someone's mana grows a significant amount when they receive their grimoire, and that Yami currently is unable to use his more powerful spells. Yami warns Noelle to stop using her water spells, which gives her an idea. She launches her Sea Dragon's Roar at Yami, which Finral believes is overboard. Noelle replies that she has toned it down a bit and that Yami will only be knocked unconscious if he get hit. Yami tells Noelle to not get full of herself and manages to counter the spell. Noelle questions how Yami was able to do that, and Yami boasts that it was with sheer will power. Asta charges at Yami, and the two clash. Finral tells Noelle to help Asta, but they are too fast her, so she suggests that Finral do something. Yami says that Asta is boring and knocks him flying into a wall. Noelle, Asta, and Finral notice that Yami is strong even without his grimoire. Yami puts his sword away and says that this was a waste of his time and that he should be looking for Karna.

Asta charges at Yami again. Yami manages to block Asta's attack, and Asta explains that it is Yami who tells them to surpass their limits. Asta refuses to give up and declares that he will surpass his limits as many times as it takes. He also promises to take back his captain no matter what since not giving up is his magic. While Yami is shocked by this, Asta take this chance to use his sword to lift some rubble up as a decoy. Yami jumps back, and Asta appears behind Yami and slams the flat of his Demon-Slayer Sword onto the top of Yami's head. Yami loses consciousness and collapses onto the floor.

Finral comments about how Yami is too strong for them, and Noelle points out that Finral did not do anything. She then asks where Asta learned that distraction trick. Asta explains that he would have lost if Yami had not have learned how to sense ki yet. Noelle says that they cannot leave Yami like this and that they should take him back to the base. Finral says that he is a little scared about that.

Back at the Black Bull base, Magna Swing wonders why the four are taking so long. Luck Voltia suggests that they must be in a fight with someone strong.

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