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Clash of Full Power 「全力のぶつかり合い Zenryoku no Butsukari Ai」 is the 29th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Before Asta and Yami reach the location, Yami comments about how he is getting better at reading ki. Yami says that there are three people up ahead and one is separate from the other two. Asta replies that the lone one is Karna, which Yami says that he will go after Karna while Asta deals with the other two. Yami also tells Asta that they should fight Karna together, once Asta wakes up the other two. Asta agrees to it, but does not understand Yami at all.

Back at the fight, Yami comments about how he does not think that he can take Freese alone and he will take him one with a team. As Asta and Yuno attack Freese, Yami comments about how they will stop Freese with everyone's power. Freese wonders when the two got so close and forces them away. Asta asks Yuno can handle this since he was under control just recently, which Yuno replies that Asta should just pay attention so that he does not hinder him.

Asta and Yuno then prepare to attack but Sylph interrupts them. Sylph asks them why the two are getting so excited, and not paying attention to her since she had put so much effort to come forth. Sylph complains about how it was stressful while Yuno was being controlled. Yuno says that Sylph is being loud, while Asta asks Sylph to save Yuno. Yuno tells Asta to stay silent, much to Asta shock. Yami sees this and comments about how the two do not understand the situation.

Freese attacks the two, but Asta and Yuno manage to dodge it. Freese says that he will deal with them right now and kill each one of them. Asta comments about how Freese's body has changed, which Yuno says that Freese's magic is different. Yami tells the two that the source of Freese's power is the pendant, but also asks about Klaus. Asta says that Klaus has not come back to his senses yet, and just knocked him out. Yami says that they have to defeat Freese, to bring Klaus back to normal. Yami attacks Freese, but Freese withstands the attack and comments that attacks like that will not do anything to him. Freese tells Yami to be quiet and die, while attacking but Yami dodges. Suddenly Yuno attacks with his Gale White Bow spell, but Freese withstands the attacks and says that those attacks will not do anything to him. Yuno then attacks with his Towering Tornado spell, which Freese notices that the spell is putting him off balance. Asta thinks about how Yuno's power is more amazing then when he was being controlled, and realizes that this is him real power. Asta also thinks about how he is not going to lose and attacks. Freese blocks the attack, but thinks about how Yuno is stopping his movement with his Wind Magic while Asta attacks at the same time.

Asta gets excited and says that they will continue on with the attacks. Yami thinks about how Asta and Yuno are getting stronger during the fight and that he cannot lose to them either. Freese tells them to do not get carried away and that they will not be able to stop him. Freese gather him mana, which Yuno notices that Freese's mana is condensing. Freese created a barrier around himself and then fires his Crescent Cut Full Moon spell in all directions. As the spell causes havoc, Freese tells them to bow before his power. As Asta is wounded, he thinks about how he was not able to fully dodge the attack. Freese notices that Asta is still alive and says that he will finish him off. Yami thinks about how they will be killed by Freese. Yuno comments about how they have to deal a power attack at Freese since they other spell do not work, which Asta gets excited and asks Yuno for his help.

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