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Bad Loser 「負けず嫌い Makezugirai」 is the 29th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Yuno begins his fight against Catherine who is part of a group with a mission to kill someone within the Kingdom. Is Yuno strong enough to defeat her by himself or would he be needing assistance by a certain spirit?


The fight between Yuno and Catherine begins as the latter creates bullets composed of ashes and launches them towards him. While evading the attacks, Yuno questions the reason for the invasion, and she reveals her group's assassination mission.[1]

Meanwhile, at one of the towers of the Royal Capital's palace, the King of Clover Kingdom is questioning the sudden disappearance of Julius Novachrono. Fortunately, Marx Francois, one of the Wizard King's aides, is present to reassure his safety.[2]

As the fight between Yuno and Catherine continues, Yuno begins to collect numerous wounds that render his senses obsolete. Catherine then reveals that she is using a curse magic that slowly takes her opponent's senses away. While struggling in the fight, he starts reminiscing his experience since obtaining his grimoire and the fact that he managed to escape the Spatial Magic spell with Sylph's assistance instead of his own ability.[3]

At the moment when Yuno finally loses all of his senses, the young Knight awakens his ability to sense the flow of mana. Using his newly emerged ability, Yuno summons Sylph from his grimoire and launches an enormous attack towards Catherine.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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