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The Future 「未来のこと Mirai no Koto」 is the 28th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Asta manages to land a punch on Yuno and tells him to come back. Inside of Yuno's mind, Yuno continues to fight enemies and comments about how there is no end to them. Yuno wonders what to do since Sylph is not with him, when he suddenly hears a child crying. Yuno sees his younger self crying and wonders where this dark place is. Yuno wonders why there is a younger version of himself here, when he is hit by a younger Asta. The young Asta asks the young Yuno why he is fight and that if he is a man, then they should fight if they are men and that he will win. Yuno is shocked to see a young Asta and wonders why he is here. Young Asta proclaims that he will not give up even through he has no mana, and that he will make his dream come true and then marry sister Lily. Young Asta tells Yuno to not come to this place again and asks what he would like to become. Young Asta also asks Yuno what is his dream.

Back at the fight, Klaus attacks Asta with his Blazing Spiral Lance spell but Asta dodges it. Asta tells Klaus to open his eyes and that he is not Klaus's enemy. Klaus attacks again, but Asta manages to block it. Asta notices that his wound is starting to act up, which Klaus takes this chance to attack. Suddenly Yuno's Tornado Fang spell Klaus, which Asta notices the spell. Yuno thanks Asta for saving him, but also tells Asta that he will not let Asta do one thing since he will be that Wizard King.

Elsewhere, Freese attacks Yami and manages to send him flying. Yami thinks about how crazy Freese's power is and that even if he hits Freese, it would just be no use. Freese asks Yami what is wrong since Yami does not have the power he had previously and wonders Yami resistance has stopped. Freese says that it cannot be helped now since with this power, he will make Yami understand just how far off Yami is from him. Yami tells Freese to stop sounding so mighty, since the power comes from the pendant. Freese says that the pendant is an item for the purpose of amplifying his hatred. Freese also says that he hates everything, since the nobles who consigned him to oblivion and that his loyalty got crushed by the Clover Kingdom.

Yami says that he has already heard that the one that is controlling Karna is her father, Freese the seer. Freese says that it does not matter who he is and all that matters is the future. Freese proclaims the destruction of the Clover Kingdom is the future, while attacking but Yami manages to dodge it. Freese says that Yami is no longer needed for the Crimson Moon, and that he will die. While dodging Freese's attacks, Yami thinks about how the difference in their powers is to different and that all he can do is just dodge Freese's attacks. Yami also thinks about how the future is important and that he has already been thinking about this before these events. Yami then thinks about how defeating Freese is the future, which Asta and Yuno suddenly appear behind Freese. Freese is shocked to see them, which Yami tells them that they are late. Yami also tells them that he is counting on them.

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