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A Hellish Game of Tag 「地獄の鬼ごっこ Jigoku no Onigokko」 is the 285th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


A few minutes before Noelle Silva and the others arrived, Nacht Faust confronts the devils Lilith and Nahamah. Nacht thinks about how their top priorities are to defeat the Dark Triad and close the Gate to the underworld, along with keeping the situation from deteriorating further. Nacht figures that they have to separate Dante Zogratis and the top level devils.

As Lilith and Nahamah talk about how they want play slowly and torment with their toys, Dante hears this and laughs. Dante says that this is brilliant and actually the world that he wanted. The devils notice that Dante is amused but it could get messy if they play with him since Dante is Lucifero's toy. Jack the Ripper gets up and tells Dante that he is fighting him. Jack swears that he will slash Dante up, which Dante comments about how this is interesting.

Nacht notices this and figures that Jack is going to have a rough time on his own but he will just have to bet on him. Nacht asks Walgner if he completed his mission, which Walgner confirms her did. Nacht enters Unite Mode: Gallus with Walgner, and uses it characteristic, Crow, to stop the devils' movement. Nacht takes this chance to take both the devils to a church.

The devils comment about how amusing it was that Nacht had froze their movements and even transported them. Nacht says that he will be their opponent and uses his Dark Prison Hunting Ground spell, while proclaiming to let this hellish game of tag begin. The devils comment about how they cannot see and decide to play with this power. They decide to compete to kill Nacht but agree to not fight Nacht earnestly. They decide to kill Nacht slowly and both of them release their magic. Nacht dodges their magic, and attacks Nahamah while entering Unite Mode: Equus. Nahamah says that he found Nacht, which Nacht figured that his attacks will not work on them. As Nahamah attacks, Nacht manages to dodge and thinks about how the devils' magic is endless. Nacht thinks about how he cannot even defend with Equus, and that all he can do is keep evading until he dies. Nacht continues to dodge the devils' attacks, and thinks about how he has to stall them here in the Dark Prison. The devils comment about how this is good and tell Nacht to keep running away. Nacht proclaims that he cannot forgive them and their unjust evil is why he is alive, while thinking about how he does not care if he dies.

It is explained that House Faust was a distinguished noble family that had twin sons. The younger twin was the very picture of a good man that was beloved by many and had joined the Magic Knights to save people, while the older twin was a delinquent that most people disapproved of and he used his magic arbitrarily and only for himself. One day, the younger twin met with the older one and asked why his brother would not join the Magic Knights since he could help a lot of people with his magic. The older twin told the younger one to not be an idiot and asked where the fun in that is. Yami Sukehiro suddenly arrived and told the younger one, Morgen, that it was mission time. The older twin said that another weirdo had arrived and commented about how it was crazy that a guy like Yami joined up with the Knights. Yami responded that it was embarrassing that he was still in that whole bad-boy phase, but the older twin said that Yami was not much different. Morgen commented about how Yami and his brother get along so well, to which Yami asked if Morgen was blind. Yami told Nacht to not go crazy to the point where he would have to haul Nacht in, to which Nacht replies the same for Yami.


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