Surging Disaster 「押し寄せる厄災 Oshiyoseru Yakusai」 is the 280th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Jack the Ripper is frozen to the wall after being hit by Lilith's attack. Nacht Faust notices that Plumede is shaking, and thinks about how the two devils before him are the highest-ranking from the first layer of the underworld. Nacht thought that these devils would be equal to the Dark Triad, but realizes that they are on a completely different level. As the devils attack again, Nacht dashes around the room but is still hit by some of their attacks. Lilith and Naamah delight in the mana and toying with the humans.[1]

Outside of the castle, the roots of the Tree of Qliphoth have begun absorbing mana form the world. Albert senses a large, nauseating magic as a horde of devils breaks out through the castle gate. Mereoleona Vermillion recognizes the similarity of the magic power to Zagred's. However, her thoughts are interrupted by the demon standing back up and forming wings. Meleoreona looks forward to fighting the demon for real.[2]

Inside of the castle, even though Zenon Zogratis has drawn on 80% of his devil's power, Yuno's Spirit of Boreas continues to shatter his bones and injure him. Yuno says that it i over, but Zenon disagrees. At another location, Charlotte Roselei comments about how Vanica's magic power is swelling even through her curse power should have been sealed. Elsewhere, Dante smiles as he notes that with the first gate open, the barrier limiting their contracts has now been lifted. Dante, Zenon, and Vanica then use all 100% of their devils' powers. Dante uses Gravity Magic to pull Jack towards him and hold him in place while pummeling Jack with his right hand. At Vanica's location, Vanica attacks Charlotte and knowck off her helmet, which causes Rill Boismortier to worry. Vanica comments about how Charlotte is so mean since Vanica likes her so much. Vanica then asks if Charlotte wants to come with her. Elsewhere, Zenon's bone whips force Yuno back. Yuno notices that Zenon's power has gotten stronger and all of Zenon's damage has healed. Zenon comments about how Yuno's victory was just a fragile fleeting dream.[3]

With devils everywhere, Nacht determines that he has to defeat Moris Libardirt or the situation will keep deteriorating, but that someone has to keep Lilith and Naamah occupied. Remembering Asta, Nacht figures out the best move and asks Plumede to die with him. Elsewhere, Zenon claims that Yuno and Langris Vaude will be the ones to die and not to worry since they have nowhere to return to in any case, which puzzles Yuno. Dark clouds form over the Clover Kingdom, and a giant demon descends from them, causing people all over the country to panic. In the training chamber, Asta and Liebe take a break.[4]


Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells


  • Zenon originally says that Yuno has overcome his 70% devil power, but this was changed to 80% in the volume release.[5]


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