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Respective Fights 「それぞれの戦い Sorezore no Tatakai」 is the 27th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Around the time when Asta and Yami arrived at the Snow Dungeon, Luck was still carrying Noelle to the Dungeon. Noelle worries about Luck wounds will open up since he is going to fast, which Luck replies that the wounds would close once he rests. Luck comments about how he wants them to hurry up since he wants to fight someone strong, which Noelle tells him to stop that since his wounds are opening up. Noelle also tells him that they need to search for Mimosa since she should be nearby, which Luck agrees since he can feel a bit of her Mana. Suddenly Noelle notices Mimosa and the two head to were she is collapsed. Noelle wonders if Mimosa is okay but notices that she is awfully wounded and needs medical attention. Suddenly Mimosa asks them to save both Yuno and Klaus, which Noelle thinks about how Mimosa is worried about her comrades while in her condition. Luck says that they should head there to since everyone is fighting, but Noelle tells him that they have to take Mimosa to the capital to receive medical treatment. Noelle then thinks about how she is counting on Asta and Yami to save Yuno and Klaus.

At the Snow Dungeon, Asta continues his clash with Yuno. Asta thinks about how no matter how close he gets there is no opening and how Yuno's Wind Magic is troublesome no matter what he does. Suddenly Klaus appears behind Asta and attacks, which Asta manages to counter it. Asta thinks about how he has to deal with the two of them at the same time. Yuno asks where Asta is looking and fires his Gale White Bow spell. Asta manages to counter the spell, which the Golden Dawn members comments about how they cannot even get into such an amazing fight. Yuno proclaim that he would lose to Asta since he will become the Wizard King.

Elsewhere in the dungeon, Yami attack Freese but Freese dodges. Freese comments about how Yami has gotten stronger since their last fight and says that he will fight more serious too. Freese fires his Double Crescent Cut spell, which Yami tells him to not underestimate him. Yami thinks about how Freese is not fight him seriously and uses his Dusk spell to absorb Freese's spell. Freese thinks about how Yami's spell has absorbed his attack and how it looks like a barrier. Yami gets close to Freese and uses his Dusk spell close to him, which Freese notices that Yami's spell is pulling him close to Yami. Yami apologizes since he will be putting Freese to sleep for a while and attacks. Freese uses his Full Moon Shell spell to block the attack and forces Yami to back away. Freese says that Yami has gotten stronger and that he was naive. Freese transforms and tells Yami to looks at him. Freese has transformed into a monster and that humans cannot even get near to this power that surpasses reason.

Back at Asta's location, Asta proclaims that Yuno has been doing these things and still says that he will become the Wizard King. Asta tells Yuno to not mess around, and comments about how they had made a vow. Asta says that their vows were not just empty words and that they decided to become the Wizard King. Asta also says that that has not changed for Yuno, even through after being controlled. Asta thinks about how he will fight this fight with his true spirit and punches Yuno.

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