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Queen of Briars 「荊の女王 Ibara no Joō」 is the 277th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yuno Grinberryall tells Zenon Zogratis that he is the one that is going to die and to regret that he ever meddled with the Golden Dawn. Langris Vaude thinks about how it is working and that they will stop the Qliphoth Advent Ritual. Langris also thinks about how they will be able to rescue William Vangeance.

Elsewhere, Vanica Zogratis comments about how she heard that there were intruders but is disappointed that neither of them is Noelle Silva. Vanica tells Charlotte Roselei and Rill Boismortier to show her if they are worthy of having fun with her. Vanica tells them that if the two cannot defeat two of the Shining Generals, that she has with her, then they are not worth bothering with. Charlotte attacks with her Corpse-Hunting Briar Tree spell, which Vanica says that the two have been empowered and the two destroy Charlotte's spell. Rill uses his Souterrain Groundswell and Sirène's Game spells to counter the generals' spells.

Vanica compliments Rill's Painting Magic but is underwhelmed by it. Vanica also says that Charlotte's Briar Magic is holding Rill back. Vanica wishes that she could fight against Asta or Yami Sukehiro and make them her toys, but adds that Yami's death will open the gate to the underworld and that Yami cannot be too strong since Zenon was able to catch him.

Charlotte thinks about how for the last year, she has been studying the Heart Kingdom's Mana Method while preforming her captain duties. Although her curse was a shackle that restrained her magic, she found a new way to use her magic with the mastery of Mana Method. Charlotte also remembers Dorothy Unsworth telling her that Megicula is the parent of all Curse Magic in the world. Charlotte says that it is because of Megicula, that she was able to grow stronger. As Charlotte activates her magic, Rill notices that Charlotte deployed her Mana Method and wonders if good mana soil and water helped them grow well.

Charlotte's Blue Rose Paradise covers the room, while she explains how her briars get stronger with the more curse power that they absorb from the enemy. Vanica notices that the curses that she placed on the generals, are becoming weaker. Megicula removes Vanica's eyepatch and comments about how Charlotte modified the curse on herself and turned it into a special anti-curse spell, which Megicula finds fascinating. Charlotte thinks about how everything that has happened to her, is nourishment for her magic. Charlotte says that she is now able to use both her blue and Red roses, and uses her Queen of Briars spell to defeat the generals. Charlotte thinks about how she will save Yami and show him how strong she had become. Rill sees this and thinks about how Charlotte was able to become a captain without using her true power.

Vanica gets excited and activates her devil power, while proclaiming that she had found the best opponent ever. Charlotte says that she is not going to fight her and wraps Vanica in her briar. Vanica says that she will just brush them off, but Charlotte replies that strength means nothing to those briars and that they get tighter the more the victim struggles. Megicula says that Charlotte is using its own strength against it, while Vanica tells Charlotte to have fun with her. Charlotte explains how Vanica let this happen to her, to which Vanica replies that they will have the best fight ever. Charlotte says that ridiculous women like her are not her thing, and that her punishment is to die without getting her wish while wrapping her completely in briars.


  • Yuno and Langris Vaude vs. Zenon Zogratis
  • Charlotte Roselei and Rill Boismortier vs. Vanica Zogratis

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


  • The chapter was originally titled The Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn 「金色の夜明け副団長 Konjiki no Yoake Fuku-danchō」 but was amended in the volume release.[1]


  1. Black Clover Manga — Vol. 26 (p. 6).


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