The Battle Begins 「開戦 Kaisen」 is the 274th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In the Clover Kingdom, the group going to the Spade Kingdom are preparing to leave. Fuegoleon asks where Asta is. Nacht Faust tells him that Asta will join the battle later as he needs more time. Jack the Ripper said they were not expecting him to begin with.Sally expresses disappointment that he is not there, but is eager to try out her new magic tools. Nozel asks if the magic robes Sally made are all right. Makusa vouches for her by explaining that she's an expert in magic tool research. As everyone is conversing, Sekke is thinking about why he is a part of the mission. Jack says he does not know why Sekke is there but expects him to get serious. Adding on, Nacht tells Sekke to just sacrifice himself for the people's sake as he knows he does not have much skill. Before leaving, Nozel asks if Asta will make it in time. Yuno assures him that Asta will.However him and Jack both say they will end it all before he gets there. Nozel tells them it will not be them individually as it will be all of them. With that said, Nacht uses Shadow Corridor to transport them all to the Spade Kingdom.

In the Spade Kingdom, Moris Libardirt sees on the monitor that the Spade Kingdom resistance team have arrived outside. One of the members speaks out about all of the things the Dark Triad has done. He says the people of the kingdom will never seem them as their rulers. As this is happening, the Magic Knights arrive inside of the castle. Nacht tells them to remember to follow the plan. Outside, the resistance start to feel the ground shaking. A demon comes out of the ground towering over the town. Zenon says he knew the resistance would attempt something on the day the ritual would begin. He goes on about how they were planning on releasing the demon on the people anyway. He tells the resistance they are not citizens of the Spade Kingdom as only the strong are considered that. With those words, the ritual begins.

As the Magic Knights are charging the castle, Fuegoleon asks will the people outside be okay. Nacht tells they are fine. Outside, a figure flies up and punches the demon. As the resistance look on in shock, the figure reveals herself as Mereoleona.

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