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Golden Treason 「金色の反逆 Kinjiki no Hangyaku」 is the 26th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Yuno wonders where he is since its pitch black and cannot see anything. Yuno remembers that he was caught in Freese's magic and that this must be his magic dimension. Suddenly figures appears behind Yuno, which Yuno comments about how this is amusing. Yuno then comments about how he will escape form here no matter what.

Yuno thinks about how he will never lose to anyone and attacks but its turn out that he is attacking members of the Golden Dawn. A member wonders what Yuno is doing since they are on the same magic squad. Klaus says that the Stone Tablet is protected by him, and attacks with his Blazing Spiral Lance spell. The members notices that Klaus is attacking them to, and wonders what is going on with them.

Freese is watching from above, and comments about how it will not matter what they tell them since their bodies are completely controlled by him. Freese says that the two will attack anyone that goes near the Stone Tablet, and tells them to kill as many Magic Knights as they wish. The Magic Knights hear this, and comments about how it cannot be help since they have to protect Yuno, Klaus, and the Stone Tablet even if they have to do it by force. The Magic Knights attack but Yuno easily counters them, which a Magic Knight is shocked by the amount of magic within Yuno's one attack. Klaus uses his Steel Castle's Armored Wall spell to lift the Magic Knights in the air. The Magic Knights figure that the two are using Wind Magic for defense and Steel Magic to bring them down. As the Magic Knights are in the air, Yuno attacks with his Swift White Hawk and Wind Blades Shower spell at the Magic Knights. The Magic Knights manages to survive but notice that Yuno is preparing to attack again.

Yuno fire the spell again, but Asta suddenly appears and block the attacks. The Magic Knights notices that Asta is one of the Black Bulls, Asta asks what is Yuno doing with his comrades. Freese sees Asta and thinks about how Asta is the brat with the Anti-magic. Klaus attacks with his Blazing Spiral Lance but Asta manages to dodge. Asta sees that Klaus is even attacking him and thinks about how this is impossible. Asta comments about how he thought it was impossible for Yuno to be controlled like this, since the enemy has taken control of Yuno's consciousness and has him attacking his comrades. Asta says that he has no mercy for Yuno, for being controlled so easily in such a situation. Asta also says that they should all combine their power to protect the Clover Kingdom. Asta proclaims that they are rival and charges.

Freese thinks about how Asta is a source of trouble and that he does not know what Asta would do if they ignore him. Freese figures that he needs to deal with Asta right now. Yami asks Freese where he is looking, and that this is not a good position to be sightseeing alone from this height. Yami also comments about how Freese is not Karna and to quit doing whatever they want with her body. As Yami pulls out his katana, Freese thinks about how Yami is also here. Yami tells Freese to do not try to escape since they are going to settle things right here. Yami also says that it not going to go down like last time, and that Freese will give that body back to Karna.

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