Dark Garden Invitation 「暗い園の誘い Kurai Sono no Izanai」 is the 266th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


After the captains meeting, Julius Novachrono contacts Gadjah and informs him that the Clover Kingdom plans to invade the Spade Kingdom. Gadjah replies that the elves are helping build up the strength of the Heart Kingdom and the Magic Knights there. When the call ends, Gadjah is determined to rescue Lolopechka and likewise, Charlotte Roselei is determined to rescue Yami Sukehiro.[1]

Nacht Faust visits the Black Bulls base and informs Grey, Vanessa Enoteca, Finral Roulacase, and Gauche Adlai of the plan. Finral asks why Nacht has never visited before, to which Nacht replies that he hates the Black Bulls but the vice-captain position provides him with freedom and convenience. He tells them that he dislikes their good-for-nothing reputation, despite their recent successes. After Nacht criticizes each of them, Grey tells him not to judge them by their appearances. He points out that they should change their appearances but adds that he dislikes those who make such changes. As Nacht leaves, he tells them to grow stronger in the next two days if they truly want to save Yami.[2]

Traveling by Shadow Magic, Nacht takes Asta to an abandoned house that was owned by a former noble. They enter a room of the house, and Nacht touches the floor and pulls them into a secret chamber, where Nacht plans to teach Asta everything he knows about devil magic for the next two days, which excites Asta. Nacht explains that Asta has not been using the full power of his devil and that they will use the Devil-Binding Ritual, a forbidden ritual whereby one makes a contract with a devil and formally makes its power their own. This ritual requires a relic connected to the devil, and Nacht notes that Asta's arm, grimoire, and body are already connected to the Anti Magic Devil. As soon as Asta steps into the magic circle, Nacht summons the devil out of Asta, causing Asta's right arm to disappear. The devil is surprised that Asta would willingly release him. Nacht then tells Asta to fight the devil and win.[3]


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