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Stirrings of the Strongest 「最強の胎動 Saikyō no Taidō」 is the 264th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Nacht Faust explains how they will be able to storm the Dark Triad and take them out, by using his magic to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom castle unnoticed. Nacht also tells them that Dante Zogratis has Gravity and Body Magic, Vanica Zogratis has Curse-Warding and Blood Magic, and Zenon Zogratis has Spatial and Bone Magic. Yuno Grinberryall remembers Zenon and becomes angry. Nacht says that his magic will not allow him to take a crowd along and that he will need to choose the individuals that have the greatest chance of winning. Jack the Ripper comments about how it is obvious that Nacht is going to choose them from the captains.

Yuno says that it is insolent of him, but asks them to let him go too. Jack asks if Yuno is an idiot, since Yuno has lost once already and that there is no way that they are going to take him. Fuegoleon Vermillion says that they understand but that defending the Clover Kingdom is also an important mission. While Asta wonders about Yuno, Nacht says that he wants to ask Yuno a question. Nacht comments about how there is a resistance force in the Spade Kingdom that opposes the Dark Triad. Nacht also says that one of the resistance members came to the Clover Kingdom the other day and is currently at Yuno's place right now. Nacht then asks just who Yuno is. Yuno replies that he was told that he was a prince of the Spade Kingdom. Everyone is shocked by this, while Asta yells out that Yuno is the Spade Kingdom's prince. Asta asks if that is for real, to which Yuno replies that it is and that he was evacuated from the kingdom when a rebellion against the royal family broke out. Nozel thinks about how this explains his magic, if Yuno is royalty. Yuno says that the person at his resident was a servant of the old Spade Kingdom's royal family, and that he should know all about the enemy along with the castle's design.[1]

Jack says that that does not make letting Yuno handle it a good idea, and that the servant or even Yuno might even be a spy. Yuno comments about how it is no point if he is not the one to save him. Yuno says that it is not just him but all the captains have become suspicious of William Vangeance after the elf incident. Yuno tells them that he cannot blame them for that, since Vangeance was not able to choose between humans and the elves. Yuno explains how that is the reason why, even through he is hurting now, Vangeance has been fighting more earnestly than anyone else as a Magic Knight. Yuno says that he remembers seeing something before he blacked out during his fight with Zenon.

In a flashback, Vangeance was protecting the Golden Dawn from Zenon's attacks. Zenon commented about how Vangeance should abandon the baggage that he was carrying, so that he could concentrate on the fight. Zenon said that he knew that Vangeance would not abandon them and that was the reason why Vangeance would lose. Vangeance asked how could he abandon them, since even through he made them the walk a path of thorns, his squad had not cursed him and even got back on their feet and forged ahead. Vangeance proclaimed that the Golden Dawn was his pride and his dream.

Yuno tells the captains that Vangeance was captured because he protected them while he was fighting. Yuno says that to the captains that Vangeance was a traitor, but the Golden Dawn sees him as the kindest and most reliable captain ever. Yuno also says that Zenon thinks that he had taken out the Golden Dawn, but that Vangeance had saved them with his spell from being wiped out. Yuno proclaims that they are not done yet, since the Golden Dawn is the strongest of the Clover Kingdom's brigade. Yuno thinks about how Vangeance was right when he protected them, and says that they are going to prove that. Yuno says that he will be the one to rescue Vangeance. Notices the magic in the air, Jack tells Yuno to quit barking since nobody asked. Sylph tells him to be quiet already since she is storing up mana so that she can take down Zenon. Nacht thinks athat Yuno does have a chance, and agrees to let Yuno come since he does not hate people like Yuno. Asta says that Yuno is still Yuno, even if he is the Golden Dawn's vice-captain or a prince of the Spade Kingdom.

Nacht tells everyone that they will depart for the Spade Kingdom two days from now in the morning, and that he will send details for their strategy later. Asta then tells Yuno that they will defeat the Dark Triad and rescue their captains. After hearing all this, Fuegoleon says that he would like to ask the Heart Kingdom for their help as well. Charlotte Roselei agrees but says that they have not been able to contact the Heart Kingdom since yesterday and wonders if something has happened to them. Nacht explains how all the Dark Triad had left the Spade Kingdom yesterday, and that he was able to act rather dramatically since all three were absent. Nacht also says that Vanica may have attacked the Heart Kingdom, which shocks Asta.[2]

Elsewhere, Noelle Silva wakes up and finds that she is surrounded by Patolli, Fana, Vetto, and Rhya.[3]

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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