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A Turbulent Conference 「波乱会議 Haran Kaigi」 is the 262nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As Asta is shocked that Nacht Faust will teach him how to use the Anti Magic Devil's power, the devil on Nacht's shoulder asks what is with the shorty. Nacht tells the devil that he is even shorter than Asta, to which the devil replies that he is not in his original form. Asta recognizes that the thing on Nacht's shoulder is a devil and is surprised that Nacht is talking to it like normal. Asta comments about how Nacht is a devil host too, so Nacht introduces his devil, Gimodelo.[1] Asta notices that Nacht has the Black Bull insignia on him, and asks about how Nacht is their vice-captain. Nacht releases Asta and comments that Yami Sukehiro had decided to have Nacht as the vice-captain and that the rest of the Black Bulls might not know about him since he has only been to the hideout once. When Asta wonders why, Nacht tells him that he hates Yami and that even through it is irritating, people like Yami are as tough as they come. Nacht notes that it would be a while before Yami dies. Asta asks how he knows this, and Nacht explains how he has been undercover in the Spade Kingdom all this time. Asta says that he does not know anything about Nacht and that he does not even know if he can trust Nacht, but Nacht is the only person he can turn to and asks Nacht to teach him how to use the devil's power. Nacht comments about how Asta is honest and that he like people like that. Nacht explains how he does not sense any ability in a single thing that Asta has done, and Asta is shocked that Nacht had said all that while smiling. Asta then says that they should get started, but Nacht declines and says that Asta needs to get some rest. Nacht says that he wants to head to a certain place tomorrow and that Asta needs to get some solid sleep tonight. Asta says that he cannot get any sleep in a situation like this, to which Nacht replies that he hates spoiled people.

The next day, the captains, plus Yuno Grinberryall, meet with Julius Novachrono.[2] It is explained during the meeting that the Black Bulls found out that the Dark Triad is planning to use the Tree of Qliphoth to connect this world and the underworld to release the devils, and that they will need Yami and William Vangeance to do this. Rill Boismortier comments about how the two have been abducted, and Charlotte Roselei comments about how they were careless. Charlotte comments about how Yami and Vangeance are pathetic even through they are Magic knight captains, while Charlotte thinks about how she has not confessed to Yami yet and wonders if he is still alive. Yuno explains how the Golden Dawn had fought with everything that they had and that Zenon Zogratis was stronger then a Magic Knight captain, along with not be serious while fighting. Jack the Ripper asks if Yuno had just freaked out and overestimated him. Fuegoleon Vermillion tells Jack to stop since they might be on the verge of linking this world to the underworld as they speak. Fuegoleon comments about how they might have linked it already, to which Jack replies that then the world is ending. Fuegoleon says that in order to make sure that that does not happen, they have to act and there is still to much that they do not now about. Kaiser comments about how they do not know what shape Yami and Vangeance are currently in. Rill wonders what if the two are already dead, and Charlotte angrily tells Rill to keep his frivolous guesses to himself. Jack tells Charlotte that guesses are all they got since they do not know anything. Jack says that this is stupid and that this meeting will not get one lousy thing done. Jack says that he is out of here and gets up to leave, but Nozel Silva tells him to stop. Nozel tells Jack that he better not be planning to march into the Spade Kingdom. Jack asks if there is anyone who would pull a stunt like that and that if he would do that, it has nothing to do with them, but Charlotte tells Jack that it has everything to do with them. Charlotte also says that captains must not act arbitrarily, while thinking about how she wants to save Yami too. Nozel then says that Jack is not the only one that wants to kill those fools with his own hands. Fuegoleon tells the three to control them selves while slamming his hands on the table. Rill is shocked by this and thinks about how Yami a mess, and wonder why the meeting is a total mess while Yami is not here. Suddenly Nacht shows up and comments about how they are motivated and that is good, which shocks the other captains. Nacht tells them that he hates people who cannot even hold a proper meeting, and asks the captains to be quiet for a little while.[3]

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