Shadows of Night 「夜の影 Yoru no Kage」 is the 261st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


At a hospital in the Clover Kingdom's capital, Owen examines Asta using his Qualle Operation spell and determines that Asta's life is not in danger and that he cannot do anything about Asta's right arm. To Vanessa Enoteca, Finral Roulacase, Gauche Adlai, and Grey, Owen explains that other recovery mages are treating the injured Golden Dawn members. He adds that he is glad that the Black Bulls only suffered minor injuries, to which Finral Roulacase replies that it is because Asta and Yami Sukehiro protected them.

Grey asks Owen to take a look at Gauche. Owen is surprised to fine Gauche's tissues have been reassembled. Owen then speculates that Grey's magic may not be Transformation Magic. He informs them all of a captain's meeting being held later and suggests that they should rest.[1]

Later, Asta wakes up and notices his arm. Suddenly, Yami's katana appears from his grimoire. Remembering what happened, Asta rushes out of the hospital. However, when he steps outside, he finds that he cannot move. A person appears behind him and asks where he is going. Asta wonders who that is and if it is their magic that is restraining him. Asta says that he has to go save Yami. The person explains that Asta is no match for Dante Zogratis on his own and that there are two other devil hosts who are just a strong as Dante. The person also says that Asta's devil has given up on him and that Asta does not even understand his own arm. The person explains how going there is not courageous but just stupid and reckless.

Asta wonders about the guy and says that he has to go since he is worried about Yami, but the person tells Asta to just leave Yami. Asta asks how much they know about Yami, to which the person replies that he knows that Yami is rough and lacks human decency. The person then says that Yami is an idiot if he lost, which angers Asta. The young Magic Knight summons his Demon-Destroyer Sword to undo the person's magic and then tries to attack with his Demon-Dweller Sword, but a swarm of hands rise up from the shadows and press Asta onto the ground. The person says a human who cannot defeat him will not be able to rescue Yami, which reminds Asta of the devil calling him weak. Asta starts to cry and wishes to be stronger. While removing their hood, the person calls Asta a fool but admits to liking him because he is a good person. Suddenly horns appears on the person's head, which Asta recognizes as Weg. The person tells Asta not to worry since Yami is still alive. When Asta asks who the person is, Nacht Faust reveals that he is the Black Bull's vice-captain and that he will teach Asta how to use the devil's power.[2]

Magic and Spells used

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