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Black Oath 「黒の誓い Kuro no Chikai」 is the 258th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As Asta and Yami Sukehiro prepare to fight together, Dante Zogratis says that this is good since he wants them to entertain him more.[1] Yami tells Asta to stay on his tail, with which Asta agrees. As Yami and Asta charge towards Dante, Dante tries to block their charge with a large chunk of earth but the two easily break through it. As Yami manages to cut off Dante arm, Asta goes to attack but Dante is quickly to counterattack. Yami manages to kick Asta away to avoid Dante's attack. As Dante heals his arm, Asta goes to attack but Dante warps away. Yami notices where Dante is warping to and uses his Death Thrust spell to blow a hole in Dante. Asta quickly rushes to Dante's location, but Dante recovers and lands a blow on Asta. Asta manages to recover and charges to Dante with Yami.

Yami thinks about how Asta's Anti Magic is the key to winning and that they just have to get Asta to land a blow on Dante.[2] Asta thinks about how he is holding Yami back and that he is only able to fight because of Yami. Asta also thinks about how all the training he did in the six month are worthless to this guy. As Dante prepares to launch his Gravity Singularity spell, he comments about how everything they do is an offering to his pleasure. Asta thinks about how he will have to use all the power that he does not understand inside of him.

Asta calls out to the devil inside of him and manages to meet with him. Asta comments about how he remembers meeting the devil like this before, but the devil seems different now. Asta says that he has felt that the devil was angry a while ago and that the devil wants to beat the guy too. Asta says that he should have talked to the devil sooner and that he now wants to do things like this from now on. The devil agrees to lend Asta his power but will next something suitable in exchange: control of one of Asta's body parts. Asta replies that he needs to surpass his limits, even if it means becoming a devil, because that is how much Yami words mean to him. Asta also explains how there is no way a guy who cannot handle something like this could become the Wizard King. Asta then says that he will become the Wizard King but before that, he wants to become the kind of person who will come through for Yami.[3] After hearing this, the devil says that he will give Asta the power.

As Dante launches his Gravity Singularity spell, Asta easily manages to dispel it. As the devil has taken over Asta's right arm, Asta says that this is everything that he has right now.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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