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Rise to Action 「奮起 Funki」 is the 257th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As Yami Sukehiro has obliterated Dante Zogratis's torso with his Death Thrust spell, Yami apologizes to Dante for blowing his torso away while commenting about how Dante's torso has a target pattern on it. Dante thinks about how this is inconceivable since there is no human that could fight him when he is going all out. Dante smiles, which completely shocks Yami. Dante says that Yami is truly detestable and thanks him. Dante's torso starts to heal, which shocks Finral Roulacase, Grey, and Vanessa Enoteca. Dante explains how his original magic is Body Magic and how the Lucifero's power boosts his magic to the point where he will not die.[1] As Dante transforms into a monstrous form, Yami comments about how Dante is not human anymore. Dante explains how he hates using his Body Magic, since how ugly he becomes when he transforms or regenerates. Dante also says that he only uses it when he is being push hard enough, and that it is gratifying when he uses it.

As Dante starts to attack Yami, Yami dodges all of his attacks. Yami uses his Death Thrust spell again to put another hole in Dante, but Dante easily heals again while commenting about how magnificent Yami is. Dante says that he is jealous of Yami, since his instinct and technique in battle surpass his. Dante then explains how he will not die and that it the reason that Yami cannot beat him.[2] Dante then goes on to say that the world is not equal and that there is nothing anyone can do since he will just crush everything and win. As Dante continues his assault, Dante thinks about how this is the supreme ecstasy and thanks Yami for making it this far. As Vanessa and Grey are worried about Yami, Asta thinks about how Yami is surpassing his limits while fighting, while he cannot even move.

Suddenly Yami stops move and comments about how he cannot defeat Dante.[3] Yami says that Dante does not die and that his power is endless. Yami tells Asta that he cannot win this without him, which Asta thinks about everything that Yami had taught him. Asta calls his sword to him and quickly gets to Yami's side, while preparing to fight with Yami.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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