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A Captain's Duty 「団長の勤め Danchō no Tsutome」 is the 256th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Finral Roulacase is watching the fight and thinks about how they were just scouting for their invasion of the Spade Kingdom, when things ended up like this.[1] Finral wonders if he should help Yami Sukehiro out or call another squad for help, but realizes that if he moves then he will be killed.

Dante Zogratis releases his full power, 80%, and takes on a new form. Yami thinks about the power that Dante is giving off, while commenting about how Dante's full power is just 80%. Dante explains how people that are possessed by a devil shared their power with devils in the underworld, and since this exchange take place between two world, they cannot use 100% unless they open a door to the underworld.[2] Dante then thinks about how he is unsure about Asta and his devil.

Dante says that he can just tear off a leg or two of Yami's since he just need Yami to be alive. Dante throws his Gravity Singularity spell, which destroys everything around it. Yami manages to avoid the spell, and attacks with his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash but Dante uses his magic to warp the spell. Yami thinks about how Dante avoided his spell, and wonders if he can cancel Dante's spell with his Black Moon but cannot since he needs it to counter Dante's gravity. Yami figures that he will just have to keep on invading until he can get close to Dante.

As Yami gets closer, Dante uses his magic to lift up some dirt to block Yami's charge. Yami realizes that Dante will just regenerate any cut that he makes, and that he will have to attack with power.[3] As Yami continues to dodge and block Dante's attacks, Yami manages to figure something out. Dante manages to crush Yami with a large chunk of earth, and comments about how Yami was terrifically fun for a human. Suddenly Yami gets up, which shocks everyone, and proclaims that he is going to surpass his limits right now and that he would be a lousy captain if he cannot do that in front of his own squad. Yami prepares to attack by condensing his Mana Zone even more, while Dante proclaims that Yami will not be able to defeat him. Yami launches his Death Thrust spell, which manages to obliterate Dante's chest.[4] As Dante, Finral, and Vanessa Enoteca are shocked by this, Yami proclaims that he was going for a thrust but it ended up like a cannon.


Magic and Spells used[]

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