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Exploding Life 「暴発する命 Bōhatsusuru Inochi」 is the 255th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As Noelle Silva manages to pierce Vanica Zogratis, Vanica compliments Noelle's spirit but says that Noelle's last attack will not work on her. Noelle says that she will not let Vanica kill Lolopechka and fires a Point-Blank Sea Dragon's Roar but Vanica easily counters it with her Red Beast spell. As Noelle's Valkyrie Dress vanishes and she drops to her knees, Vanica says that Noelle attacks were all pointless but suddenly coughs blood. Vanica suddenly notices something about Noelle and asks her name. Noelle says who she is, adding that she is a royal of the Clover Kingdom and a Magic Knight of the Black Bull squad.[1]

Vanica tells Megicula that she has a fantastic idea and that should not kill Lolopechka right now. Megicula asks why since it was a good idea to kill the wisdom of the Heart Kingdom in advance. Lolopechka replies that she does not care about that and that they will be taking Lolopechka to the Spade Kingdom. Vanica explains how she fought with Acier Silva long ago and that Acier was stronger after Vanica took a child hostage.[2] Vanica says that Noelle will get strong if they take her precious friend Lolopechka hostage. Megicula says that Vanica is fascinating.

Since they are in an agreement, Vanica says that they will return to the Spade Kingdom since they have no more use for the Heart Kingdom. Robero Ringert and Mimosa Vermillion, who are still fighting, hear this. Robero asks if Vanica is returning to the kingdom already, while Mimosa worries about Noelle and Lolopechka. Robero asks Vanica to wait a little longer since he has almost defeated Mimosa, but Vanica tells him to stop talking to her and that she does not need him anymore. Vanica activates her Exploding Life spell on the Dark Disciples. Mimosa notices that Robero's magic is swelling up. He asks what Vanica is doing, and Vanica explains how her spell causes the devil power that is within her Dark Disciples to explode.[3] Across the Heart Kingdom, Svenkin Gatard, Sivoir Snyle, Halbet Chevour, and Hischer Ongg also start to swell up. As Vanica leaves, she explains how this place is going to blow up sky high and that Noelle should be strong enough to survive it. Vanica tells Noelle to get stronger, and Noelle calls out Vanica's name. Suddenly all five Dark Disciples explode and cause massive damage to the Heart Kingdom.

Elsewhere at the Spade Kingdom's boarder, Yami Sukehiro continues his fight with Dante Zogratis. Yami manages to wound Dante, but Dante easily heals himself with the magic that he does not like. Dante compliments that Yami is able to wound him and adds that he will do Yami a favor and show him the true power of a human that hosts a devil. Yami replies that he will show Dante the true power of a regular human.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

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