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Power Differential 「力の差 Chikara no Sa」 is the 254th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As Secre Swallowtail manages to seal Vanica Zogratis and Megicula's power, Secre and Noelle Silva are glad that the plan had worked. Secre thinks about how all effects from Megicula's power should now cease working, but Lolopechka notices that the curse placed on her is still active.[1] Megicula suddenly takes over a part of Vanica's body and comments about humans are intriguing, since Secre was able to cast spells that go beyond the devil's expectation even through she is inferior to them. As Megicula uses a spell to bind Secre, Undine notices the mana and tries to warn Lolopechka. Megicula then uses its power to destroy Lolopechka's spell.

Megicula comments about how marvelous humans are since they were able to devise a strategy to try and defeat them. Megicula also says that they make him want to toy with them even more, which Lolopechka notices that Megicula has come out. As Lolopechka wonders why the seal did not work, Megicula explains how Decaying World weakens spells that affect Vanica and had activated once Vanica used 70% of the devil's power.[2] As Megicula continues to comment about how the experiment was a good enough the weaken the spell of an arcane mage spell, Vanica tells Megicula not to get in her way since she is having fun right now.

Undine calls out to Lolopechka, and Lolopechka notices that Undine has become weaker from Megicula's spell. Megicula mentions never having cursed a water spirit before and that this is a good experiment to find out what happens. Lolopechka thinks about how Undine is the one that is closest to her, and starts to cry out when her curse activates.[3] Megicula apologizes since its approach has caused the curse to react. Megicula says that Lolopechka is done, since Lolopechka cannot move because of the pain and that the spirit is useless. Vanica hears this and asks Lolopechka if she can hang in there. As Lolopechka is crying, Vanica comments about how Lolopechka is done.

As Vanica prepares to kill Lolopechka, Noelle gets up and stops them. Vanica tells Noelle that she is done with her and that she is nothing without Lolopechka's power. As Noelle charges as Vanica, Vanica comments about how Noelle is slow and launches a spell at Noelle. As the spell hits Noelle, Vanica comments about how she cannot get into it since the power difference is too much. Noelle manages to withstand the spell and continues her charge, while saying that she is not down yet since power differentials have nothing to do with this. Vanica and Megicula notice that Noelle is using her Valkyrie Dress to avoid receiving any lethal wounds.[4] Noelle says that what they are doing should never be forgotten and pierces through Vanica.


Magic and Spells used[]

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