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Bloodshed 「血潮 Chishio」 is the 253rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As Noelle Silva manages to pierce Vanica Zogratis, Vanica comments about how this will be more fun since there is someone that can tag team with Lolopechka. Vanica tells her to not die to fast as she releases 50% of her Megicula's power.[1] Noelle is shocked by this and quickly escapes from Vanica. Lolopechka thinks about how her spell makes it hard for Vanica's blood to congeal, but Vanica is powerful enough that ordinary attack will not take Vanica down since she is using the devil's power. Lolopechka calls out to Noelle and uses her spell to help Noelle escape from Vanica. Vanica expresses how she is getting all fired up and attacks Noelle with 51% of her power. Noelle notice just how much more power Vanica gets with just 1% increase. Noelle asks if Vanica only cares about filling her own desire, but Vanica simple increases her power by another 1%. Noelle asks if this is how Vanica killed her mother, Acier Silva, which Vanica keeps on increasing her power and attacks Noelle. Vanica asks who Acier is, and that she does not care about stuff in the past since she just wants to enjoy now.[2]

Below the Ludic Santuary, Mimosa Vermillion is still fighting against Robero Ringert. He tells Mimosa to give up since Vanica's spell keeps them from dying, to which Mimosa replies that they have trained to defeat Vanica and her Dark Disciples. Mimosa and Noelle think about how this is to save the world and avenge Acier, but there is also another reason. They think back to when Lolopechka was training them and they complimented Lolopechka about how she was able to make them stronger. Lolopechka explained how it was all thanks to the power and knowledge that the princesses of the Heart Kingdom inherit. Undine said that Lolopechka was already amazing and that not just anyone can inherit the power. Lolopechka said that she had always been nervous that someone like her really rule over the Heart Kingdom. Lolopechka also said that she is a failure of a queen since during her fight with Vanica, she was afraid which had allowed Vanica to curse her. Lolopechka explained that she is even more of a failure of a queen since she forgot that she is a queen. However, she found it easy to say what she was feeling while around Mimosa and Noelle. Lolopechka started to cry and said that she was scared since she did not want to die. Lolopechka started to explain how a princess has to think of the kingdom first but apologized since a princess should not cry so much in public. Mimosa and Noelle hugged Lolopechka and explained how it was okay to cry around them since they are her friends.[3] Mimosa and Noelle then think about how they will absolutely win for their truly kind friend.

Vanica continues to clash with Noelle, all the while increasing her power with her clash. Vanica gets so excited with the fight that she starts to use all the power that she has, 70%. Lolopechka becomes worried about Noelle, but Noelle thinks about how this is what they have been waiting for. Noelle thinks back to when they were coming up with a strategy against Vanica. Lolopechka explains how they will make Vanica use the maximum amount of power she is capable of with the devil's power, and how they will use their trump card when Vanica uses all of her power. Noelle calls out to Secre Swallowtail, which Nero arrives and explains how she is going to seal the devil's power within Vanica.[4] Secre uses her Eternal Prison spell on Vanica, while thinking about how she will not let scum like her to take the world or Lolopechka.


Magic and Spells used[]

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