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Water Crusade 「水の聖戦 Mizu no Seisen」 is the 252nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Noelle Silva launches her Sea Dragon's Roar spell at Vanica Zogratis but Vanica uses her Blood Magic spell, Red Beast, to counter it. Vanica asks Noelle if that snake thing was supposed to be some kind of an attack, which frustrates Noelle. Robero Ringert wraps his tongue around Mimosa Vermillion and proclaims that Mimosa and Noelle will be facing him. All of the sudden, vines sprout from his tongue and wrap around his body. Mimosa states that she slipped a Control Magic Grass seed within her Magic Cannon Flower. She then tells Noelle and Lolopechka to focus on Vanica while she deals with the Dark Disciple.[1]

Vanica charges forward with her beast, which slashes at Lolopechka's water defense and manages to cut Robero. After he heals, he compliments both of Vanica's magics. Noelle is reminded of when Lolopechka revealed that the Dark Triad have two magic attributes—their original affinity and their devil's. Since Lolopechka had fought Vanica and Megicula, she devised plans to counter their abilities and made those tactics the focus of Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre Swallowtail's training.[2]

As Vanica faces off against Lolopechka, she reveals that Dante and Zenon Zogratis are abducting the users of Dark Magic and World Tree Magic. Hearing Dark Magic, Noelle asks what Vanica means, but Vanica refuses to divulge information to a nobody. Lolopechka decides to check the knowledge from her predecessors. She learns of the Tree of Qliphoth and is troubled by what she sees. She reveals to the others that the tree will kill over 90 percent of the people of the continent and will bring the end of the world. Lolopechka questions why Vanica would do this, to which Vanica replies that she wants to fight the ones that survive since weak humans do not interest her.[3]

Vanica tells Lolopechka to forget the future and that they should just enjoy the present. Lolopechka says that they cannot let the Dark Triad run loose and traps Vanica in a pillar of water. Realizing the fate of the world is in their hands, Lolopechka resolves to stop Vanica and the Dark Triad. Lolopechka combines Undine, Mana Zone, and Mana Method to summon water from all over the Heart Kingdom and to form a giant body of water around Vanica. The water dilutes Vanica's Blood Magic, halving its power, while also boosting Noelle's Water Magic. After her Valkyrie Dress changes into a Mermaid Form, Noelle drives her lance into Vanica's abdomen while proclaiming that she will not let anything go Vanica's way. Vanica laughs as blood spills from her mouth.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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