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The Curse Devil 「呪いの悪魔 Noroi no Akuma」 is the 251st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Gadjah manages to defeat the Dark Disciple Hischer Ongg and comments about how the Dark Disciples will not get away with what they have done.[1] As the citizens cheer for Gadjah's victory, Sarado comments about how Gadjah's power is on a different level than the rest of the Spirit Guardians. Gadjah thinks about how he was able to make it here in time because he is the fastest, but he has to return to Lolopechka's side immediately.

Back at the palace, Lolopechka, Mimosa Vermillion, and Noelle Silva all see that the Dark Disciples have all been defeated. As Mimosa and Noelle comment about how their comrades were able to win, Lolopechka says that it was a big help since her water was not able to reach the enemies. Lolopechka thinks about how the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights were able to defeat enemies that were stronger then them, and how the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights are able to truly evolve while being in actual combat.[2] Suddenly Robero Ringert breaks into the room while commenting that he feels the magic of hot young girls. Mimosa and Lolopechka say that they knew that the Dark Disciple would be arriving soon and that they have prepared for this. Lolopechka supplies Mimosa with mana, so that Mimosa can defeat Robero with her Magic Cannon Flower spell. After the Dark Disciple is defeated, Lolopechka compliments Mimosa's wonderful attack which Mimosa says that it is all thanks to the magic power that Lolopechka had supplied to her.

Suddenly Vanica Zogratis walks into the room and greets Lolopechka. Vanica comments about how she had placed a curse on Lolopechka before leaving the last time they met, and that she hopes that they can have as much fun as they want today. Noelle thinks about how Vanica is Megicula's host and the enemy of her mother. Lolopechka asks Vanica why she is having her Dark Disciples attack the citizens if she is the one that Vanica wants, to which Vanica replies that she figured that Lolopechka would fight more seriously this way.[3] Noelle gets angry after hearing this and proclaims that their comrades have already defeated her Dark Disciples. Vanica says that her Dark Disciples were not defeated, and Robero suddenly gets back up. Lolopechka, Noelle, and Mimosa are shocked by this, and Mimosa thinks about how she was sure that the Dark Disciple was out cold. As Robero thanks Vanica for what she has done and that he feels good again, Vanica attacks him while telling him to shut up. Vanica also tells him to hurry up and deal with Mimosa and Noelle. Robero's injury is healed from Vanica's attack, and he requests Vanica to step on him some more. Vanica explains how she placed a curse on her Dark Disciples, so that they are revived no matter how often they are defeated.

At Gadjah's location, Hischer asks where Gadjah is going since he is going to slice up Gadjah and the Heart Kingdom in Vanica's name. Lolopechka notices that all of the defeated Dark Disciples have been revived. At Luck Voltia's location, Svenkin Gatard comments about the power of love and praises Vanica. At Leopold Vermillion's location, Sivoir Snyle says how dare Leopold hurt the one that was chosen by Vanica. At Polnfrume Forest, Halbet Chevour comments about how Charmy Pappitson has made a mockery of her beauty and that she will defeat Charmy with the eternal beauty that Vanica had given her. Vanica hears all of this and thinks about how they are all saying random nonsense. Luck, Leopold, and Charmy hear the Dark Disciples' words and tells them to bring it on. Vanica tells the three that the only way to stop the Dark Disciples from reviving is to take her down and asks if Lolopechka is into it now. Lolopechka, Mimosa, and Noelle prepare to fight and proclaim that Vanica is going down.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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