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March of the Dead 「屍の行軍 Shi no Kōgun」 is the 25th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The Royal Capital is being invaded by the undead with a leader who has a deep hatred towards the Kingdom. Will the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom able to protect their home?


Rades Spirito attacks the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom with an army of incapacitated men. Several guards of the capital tries to attack them but fail to put them down as those men are revealed to be an army of the undead. Rades then summons even more undead, which start attacking everyone in the capital.[1]

Hearing the news, the Magic Knights who are present during the conferment ceremony banquet quickly try to devise a plan of counterattack. However, Asta decides to head outside immediately rather than staying while the citizens are being attacked. He is followed by Leopold Vermillion who wants to see more of his new rival abilities. His brother, Fuegoleon Vermillion, decides to take charge and quickly assigns the Knights into groups to apprehend the situation. After all the Knights have left, Charmy Pappitson reveals herself from under one of the tables. She then quickly leaves the hall after sensing a delicious smell from somewhere else.[2]

Meanwhile, Asta manages to reach Rades, who is about to attack a little girl. When the man vows to destroy the Kingdom, Asta replies by saying that he will protect it.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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