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Leopold vs. Sivoir 「レオポルドVSバーサスシーヴワル Reoporudo Bāsasu Shīvuwaru」 is the 249th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The people of the Heart Kingdom are worried since Floga, the fire Spirit Guardian, could not even defeat the enemy. They heal the other injured citizens and watch helplessly as Leopold Vermillion attempts to locate the enemy. Standing among a group of rocks off the shoreline, Leopold is already breathing heavy and injured. He is spotted by a floating eye and then is hit by the enemy's attack. He looks toward a stretch of forest. Sivoir Snyle compliments Leopold's ability to withstand multiple hits and wonders how long the Magic Knight's magic can last. Leopold tries to run for cover, but it is useless as Sivoir's spell, Catoblepas's Evil Eye, allows him to track Leopold as well as analyze his magic, stamina, and muscle movements. Sivoir condenses his magic power to his fingertip and fires another compact Magic Bullet, hitting Leopold in the chest.[1]

After being hit, Leopold looks over at Floga and thinks back to his training. Floga asked what makes Leopold hesitate during fights. Leopold told Floga about his more powerful siblings, Mereoleona and Fuegoleon, and how he was always compared to them. Leopold admitted that the stronger he gets, the more he thinks that those two are stronger. Floga told Leopold to focus on his own strong points: his patience and persistence and his ability to make large arrays. Floga also told Leopold that he has the strength that endures and that Leopold is himself.

After remembering all of this, Leopold resolves sharpen his senses. As Leopold is hit again, he manages to figure out where the enemy is at and fires his Profound Spiral Flames spell towards the enemy. Sivoir avoids the spell and manages to land another hit. Sivoir admits that he does not know much about the Heart Kingdom's magic technique but even if Leopold gets closer, he will just put that much distance between them again. Sivoir boasts that he has never once been wounded in battle or felt pain and that attacks from a person like Leopold will never hit him.[2]

As Leopold is hit again, Leopold realizes that the enemy's location is moving but the distance between them barely changes. Leopold thinks that although he many not have as much talent as his siblings, with those two in front of him, he has endured and let the flames inside of himself blaze. Sivoir taunts Leopold, saying that he cannot win by simply hanging in there. Suddenly he senses something and has his floating eyes raise up to view the area from above. Leopold has created a massive array around the area. As Sivoir wonders when Leopold put this array up, Leopold comments about how he has hung in there and made the array little by little while Sivoir was focusing on him. As Sivoir tries to get out of the array, the array unleashes a Crimson Eruption, engulfing the area in flames.

The people are surprised to see such a huge array. Sivoir screams out in pain from the heat and burns, and thanks to the screaming, Leopold is able to find Sivoir. Leopold criticizes Sivoir for thinking he is qualified to complain after all the innocent people whom he hurt. As Sivoir begs for Leopold not to hurt him, Leopold slams Sivoir with a Profound Spiral Flame spell and tells him to stay off of the battlefield if he is not prepared to be hurt.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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