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Luck vs. Svenkin 「ラックVSバーサススヴェンキン Rakku Bāsasu Suvenkin」 is the 248th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta brought Magna Swing and Luck Voltia to train in the Heart Kingdom because they have nature-based magic attributes, and introduced them to Gadjah. Asta had wanted to bring Zora Ideale as well, but as Magna pointed out, Zora is a loner. Gadjah first tested the pair to create runes from natural mana since they are needed to create an array. Magna failed, and Gadjah explained that Magna has too little magic power and is a Fifth Stage-ranked mage and that a mage needs to be Third Stage to utilize arrays in combat. Gadjah then complimented Luck's instinct for the magic technique. When Magna stormed out, Luck stated that he will be getting stronger on his own. Asta tried to stop Magna, but Luck stopped him and said that if this failure stops Magna from getting stronger, then that was all Magna was worth.

Gadjah then brought Luck to another location and began explaining arrays in more depth. Gadjah explained how more complex arrays will make their magic stronger, and that Luck will have to create an array that suits his combat style, which Luck was excited to start.[1] Some time later, Luck asked Gadjah to teach him to cast True Lightning Magic. Gadjah explained that it took him two years to master the technique and that he specializes in discharge spells, whereas Luck specializes in equip spells and instantly forming array nears his hands and feet. He told Luck to put those to work and create powerful magic that is all his own.[2]

Back at Luck's fight with Svenkin Gatard, the Dark Disciple suggests that Luck should surrender since Luck's magic will not work and that Luck is already injured. Luck charges forward again and uses multiple arrays to get behind Svenkin. Luck then kicks Svenkin's head, but Svenkin's Skin Magic automatically detects and reacts, softening in order to catch and hold Luck's boot. Svenkin swings a hardened fist at Luck, so the Magic Knight uses an array to split his boot and escape. Svenkin compliments Luck's strategy and forms his skin into multiple cannons, firing large Magic Bullets in various directions. Luck darts around but is hit. After regaining his feet, he tells himself to move faster. Svenkin plans to wait for Luck's magic to run out. Using doubled arrays, Luck moves faster and manages kick Svenkin up into the air. Luck jettisons part of the boot, and Svenkin is shocked that Luck was able to inflict some damage and that Luck's speed is faster than his skin's detection.

Svenkin then decides to harden his skin to its utmost limit. Luck creates a five-layered array under his feet. Svenkin panics at the growing magic. Luck's spell, Keraunos, turns him into lightning and propels him straight through Svenkin's torso. Svenkin drops to his knees in disbelief, while Luck thanks him for the fun fight.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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