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Battlefield: Heart Kingdom 「戦場 ハート王国 Senjō Hāto Ōkoku」 is the 247th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the Spade Kingdom invades the Heart Kingdom, Princess Lolopechka helps her people escape by using her Water Magic. She notices that four of the Spirit Guardians have been defeated by four of the Dark Disciples. Panicking, she notes how strong the enemy is even through they were only given a portion of a devil's power, and that if the Spirit Guardians are no match from them, then there is no one if the Heart Kingdom who can stop them. Lolopechka decides to call back Luck Voltia and the others whom she sent out to help, but Noelle Silva tells her that they will be fine and that she should focus on protecting her people while Noelle and Mimosa Vermillion protect the Princess. Noelle tells herself that they need Lolopechka and her power in order to defend the Heart Kingdom and attack the Spade Kingdom, and also thinks about how Luck and the others cannot lose no matter how tough the enemies are.[1]

At another part of the Heart Kingdom, Svenkin Gatard gloats over one of the defeated Spirit Guardians and claims to be one of Vanica Zogratis's favorites. Svenkin then targets a fleeing woman and child, but Luck suddenly appears and saves them from the attack. Svenkin greets Luck and notices that Luck is not from the Heart Kingdom, so he suggests that Luck should stay out of this. Luck refuses and instead charges at Svenkin. Luck's punch sinks into Svenkin's chest without hurting him. Svenkin then punches Luck in the head, sending him ricocheting back. Luck attacks with Thunderclap Crumbling Orbs, but Svenkin's skin hardens and withstands the attacks. Svenkin explains how his Skin Magic works and boasts that his body is the ultimate shield and ultimate spear.[2]

Luck charges in again and kicks Svenkin, but Svenkin absorbs the attack and lands another blow on Luck. Svenkin compares his Stage Zero ranking to Luck's First Stage ranking and suggests again that Luck should use his speed to run away. Luck refuses to run from such a great fight. Luck then questions why Svenkin is attacking the Heart Kingdom, to which Svenkin replies that he is doing everything for his idol, Vanica. After hearing this, Luck comments that it is a pretty lame reason to hurt people. Svenkin then asks why Luck is putting his life on the line for strangers. Luck notes that Svenkin is doing whatever he wants and declares that he, Luck, will do whatever he wants, like protecting people since he is a Magic Knight.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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