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The Tree of Qliphoth 「クリフォトの樹 Kurifoto no Ki」 is the 246th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In his mind, Asta sees his devil outraged and wanting to kill. Asta wakes up and notices that he cannot move his body. He remembers Gauche Adlai being stabbed and senses with ki that Gauche is alive. Asta also remembers that Dante Zogratis is nearby.[1]

As blood sprays from Dante's wound, Yami Sukehiro explains that his Dark Cloaked Iai Slash will never miss within a condensed Mana Zone. Laughing, Dante drops his sword, rips open his shirt, and uses a different magic attribute to heal the wound. Yami and Vanessa Enoteca note that it is a different magic than what Dante was using before. Dante is pleased by the feelings of envy, wrath, and hate welling up inside him. Dante explains that he was bored and tired of everything and that nothing satisfied his malice. Dante says that Yami will open up a more magnificent world. Yami asks how he is a key to link this world to the underworld, and Dante explains that the Tree of Qliphoth connects the two worlds and that Dark Magic and World Tree Magic are needed to create the tree. Yami becomes concerned since Dante knows about William. Dante adds that once the two worlds are connected, devils will pour in and overrun the living world, filling it with malice. The Black Bulls members are all worried about what Dante is planning, while Dante laughs about his plans. Dante says that he is really looking forward to this and wonders if Yami is as well. Yami replies that he has to defeat Dante immediately.[2]

In the Spade Kingdom, two Dark Disciples are patrolling the castle and discussing the rumor of a Clover Kingdom spy. In Dante's room, the spy is looking over some papers on Dante's desk when they are discovered by one of the Dark Disciples. The Disciple prepares to attack but the spy disappears. The spy then reaches up from the Disciple's shadow and pulls him down into it. The spy emerges from the desk's shadow and starts to walk away, revealing a Black Bull insignia on their grimoire pouch.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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