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Cinderella Grey 「シンデレラグレイ Shinderera Gurei」 is the 244th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


After Asta manages to land a blow on Dante Zogratis, Dante thinks about how he has to soil his hands with Asta since he has no choice now. Dante uses a spell and punches Asta, while saying that he feels like using his hands to lay Asta out. Dante then continue to rapidly punch Asta afterwards.[1]

On the ground, Grey is crying over Gauche's body. Grey remembers how her step-mother has treated her badly and all her step-sisters had done was laugh and make fun of her. Later Grey's step-sister has forced her to use her magic after they learned that she was training in secret. As Grey uses her magic to transform to look similar to her step-sisters, but this just enrages her step-sisters. As her step-sisters attack her, Grey is forced to flee the house. As Grey runs away, she thinks about how she cannot go back and wonders if she can survive is the world. Suddenly Grey encounters a group of robbers who want her valuables were through she used her magic to create them. The robbers are then knocked unconscious, which Grey then meets Gauche and Marie.[2] As Grey goes to thank them, but Gauche says that it was Marie who wants him to save her and then comments about how kind Marie is. Grey sees how close the siblings are and wishes that she had the same. Gauche then Grey that she should head home if she is not committed to running away, and that she will not survive in this world if she is not prepared to get everything with her two hands. Grey thinks about how Gauche gave her the light that helped her thrive when she had nothing. Grey also thinks about how she was able to meet him again because she was did her best and was able to survive, along with even making friends that were like a family to her. Grey then thinks about how she wants to save Gauche and even have him look at her even through that would be embarrassing to her. Grey uses a spell on Gauche, which Vanessa notices that the wound on Gauche is closing but notices that Grey is using a spell to completely heal Gauche.[3]

Vanessa is shocked at what Grey had done, but Asta suddenly falls to the ground defeated. Dante sees what Grey has done and comments about how the Black Bulls had even another arcane mage. Dante then says that Vanessa and Grey's powers are wasted here and that they should both become his women. Suddenly a dark slash divides Vanessa, Grey, Asta, and Gauche from Dante. Dante then notices Yami standing above him, which Yami asks what Dante is trying to do since nobody messes with his people.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

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