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Devil Host vs. Devil Host 「悪魔憑きVSバーサス悪魔憑き Akumatsuki Bāsasu Akumatsuki」 is the 243rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Vanessa notices that Asta's attack has erased Dante's spell from this whole area, which Grey, Gauche, Vanessa, and the base fall to the ground.[1] After seeing Asta use more of the devil's power, Dante Zogratis wants to see what Asta got. Asta attacks Dante, but Dante uses his magic to dodge the attack. Asta continues to attack, but Dante still uses his magic to dodge all the attacks. Asta pulls out his Demon-Dweller Sword and launches a flying slash, but Dante uses his magic to dodge the attack and tells Asta that he will have to do better if he wants to hit him. Dante also says that he wanted to get Asta's story, but cannot since Asta is out of control. Dante then asks his devil, Lucifero, who Asta's devil is. Lucifero replies that he does not know.[2] Lucifero also says that if there is a high level devil in the world, then it would be Zagred but it does not seem to be him. Lucifero then says that Asta's devil must be low level since its power is only to erase magic. After listening to this, Dante says that Asta is no match for the Dark Triad since they are all possessed by the highest-ranked devils.

Dante then uses his magic to lift up large chunks of earth and launches one at Asta. Asta easily destroy it and starts to fly towards Dante. As Asta is flying towards Dante and destroying everything in his path, Vanessa sees this and wonder what kind of fight is this. Vanessa wonder if the devil's power within Asta is running wild, but also thinks about how right now they have to just rely on Asta. Vanessa turns her attention to Gauche and realizes that Gauche will not last for long. Vanessa thinks that Nero could use her magic to seal the damage with her magic but she is not here and that this might be out of her league.[3] Grey is crying and says that she cannot do a thing, while thinking that Transformation Magic is completely useless.

Dante says that Asta is impressive while he is in that kind of state, and that he will end this while using his magic to transform three of the chunks of earth to swords. As Dante attacks with the swords, Asta using his Black Hurricane spell to destroy the swords. Dante sees this and comments about how Asta is not giving up. As Asta launches another black slash at Dante, Dante says that everything that Asta does is useless and uses his magic to dodge the attack. Asta manages to figure out were Dante is dodging to and lands a wound on Dante's face, and Dante thinks about how Asta figured where he would be and comments how Asta dares to mark him.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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