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Humans and Evil 「人間と悪 Ningen to Aku」 is the 242nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As all of the Astas are flying towards Dante Zogratis, Gauche Adlai thinks about how Dante will not be able to dodge or block them all. Dante releases 50% of his devil's power and distorts the space around himself, which causes all of the Astas to miss him.[1]

As Asta wonders what happened, Dante places his foot on Asta's shoulder and slams Asta to the ground, pinning him down with increased gravity. Dante says that even though they have different ranks, they should be able to see eye to eye since they are both possessed by devils. Asta replies that they are not the same and will never agree because of what the Dark Triad have done to their people. Dante says that he does not know what Asta is talking about but takes Asta's calling him evil as a compliment. He then explains that the emotion of malice separates humans from animals and that unleashing one's darkest emotions is the most human one can be. Refuting Dante's claim, Asta also says that malice has filled him with power but his strong heart has allowed him to control that power for good. Dante considers Asta to be a strange devil host.[2]

Dante further increases the gravity holding Asta down but Rouge protects the boy. Vanessa Enoteca claims that Dante will not be killing any of them. Dante glares at her and is angered that his woman would use her power for someone other than him. Dante then unleashes 60% of his devil's power and forces Vanessa and Henry Legolant to exhaust their magic protecting the Black Bulls. Rouge unravels and the base falls apart. Dante suspends Gauche, Grey, and Vanessa in midair while he shapes rock into a sword. Intending to awaken Asta's true feelings, Dante impales Gauche on the sword, much to the shock of Grey and Vanessa. A brief flashback has an injured woman calling out to her son. Asta's black form covers more of his body, forming claws on his right hand and foot, a third horn, a second wing, and a tail. Enraged, Asta swings the Demon-Slayer Sword down at Dante, who dodges it and rejoices over Asta's transformation.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

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