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Super Midair Battle 「超空中戦 Chō Kūchū-sen」 is the 241st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta launches multiple Black Slashes at Dante Zogratis, which Dante tries to use his Gravity Magic on them but realizes that it is not working. Dante dodges the attack and thinks about how Asta first negated his magic and then attacked.[1] Dante uses his magic to fly towards Asta, but the trees suddenly avert from Asta. Dante wonders what that was about, since it was like before. Dante notices Rouge on Asta's shoulder, and thinks about how it might be spell that interferes with the natural laws. As Asta attack Dante, Dante dodges and heads towards the Black Bulls base.

Once inside the base, Dante realizes that Vanessa is the one that owners the cat. Vanessa tells Gauche and Grey to stay behind her while she summons Rouge. As Asta comes flying towards Dante, Dante uses his magic to have Asta crash into the ground. Vanessa thinks about how powerful Dante's magic is. Dante asks Vanessa to become the woman of the leader of the Dark Triad, since she is beautiful and her magic can interfere with the natural laws. The Black Bulls realize that Dante is one of the leaders of the Spade Kingdom.[2] Gauche asks if Dante is joking, which Dante replies that he is not joking.

Asta suddenly appears in his Black Asta form and comments about how Dante is the evil boss of the Spade Kingdom. Dante quickly escapes and comments about how he is shocked that there was someone that is possessed by a devil in the Clover Kingdom.[3] Asta uses his Black Divider and attacks Dante but Dante dodges it. Vanessa sees this and thinks about how Anti magic attacks hone in on magical power, but Dante easily dodges them all. Asta uses his Black Meteorite but Dante also dodges it. Asta looks back at Dante and thinks about how he cannot hit Dante. Gauche says that since Dante is just dodging him, then Asta should just attack Dante with some many attack that Dante cannot dodge them. Gauche also says that he is surprised that Dante came to them since this trip would be over if they just capture him. Gauche then calls out to Asta and tells him to look at him. As Asta looks at Gauche, Gauche uses his Mirror Magic to create multiple Astas. All that Astas attack with Mirrors Meteorite, which Dante is shocked by this.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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