The Great War Breaks Out 「大戦勃発 Taisen Boppatsu」 is the 240th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In the Heart Kingdom, Princess Lolopechka lets Charmy Pappitson feast on the delicious fruits because she finds the Black Bull to be adorable. Mimosa Vermillion thinks about how one problem child likes another. Noelle Silva tells Lolopechka to stop spoiling Charmy. Gadjah watches all this and slightly smiles at the Princess's happiness. Suddenly Lolopechka senses multiple attacks across the kingdom and creates a magical display to show the locations. She warns that the invaders all have the power of devils and are Zero Stage mages. More shockingly, one of them is Vanica of the Dark Triad, the possessor of Megicula. Noelle is angered to hear Megicula's name.[1]

The Black Bull base sits near the border of the Spade Kingdom. Asta and Finral Roulacase arrive to bring food from the Heart Kingdom. Vanessa Enoteca, Gauche Adlai, and Grey greet them. Finral then remembers that he has to pick up Yami Sukehiro from a captains meeting and leaves, noting that it may take a while to cover that distance and back. As for the other Black Bulls, Gordon Agrippa is still studying Curse Magic, Henry Legolant is resting to recover his mana, and Magna Swing and Zora Ideale are off traveling together again.[2]

Dante Zogratis appears outside the base, and Henry bolts awake and warns the others when Dante lifts the base up into the air. Dante notes that Yami is absent and decides to play with Magic Knights while he waits. Vanessa sends out Rouge to protect the base, while both Henry and Gauche fire spells at Dante. Insulted by the display, Dante uses his Gravity Magic to slam their spells into the ground. The base survives thanks to Rouge, and Dante is surprised that there is another Arcane Stage mage within the Black Bulls. Dante dodges a Black Slash as Asta comes flying out of the base.[3]


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