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When I Came Here 「ここに来た時点で Koko ni Kita Jiten de」 is the 23rd chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Vetto proclaims that he will not forgive the humans since they had betrayed the elves and continue to have a carefree lives. As an eye appears on Vetto's forehead, Vetto says that they will now see true despair. Noelle sees the eye and thinks about how its the same as that time. Asta and Yami comments about how powerful Vetto is, but it will not pull them down.

Asta, Yami, and Vetto get ready to fight again, but Rhya shows up and stops them. Rhya tells Vetto that he has been told to not kill any of the humans since they are their precious sacrifices. Yami asks who the new guy is, which Asta says that he is one of the Third Eye of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Rhya formally introduces himself as Rhya that Disloyal, while thinks about how Asta should have remembered him since they had just met. Rhya comments about how its a shame but the plan is progressing perfectly. Yami asks what they are planning, but Rhya replies that they have already lost when they came here.

At the Snow Dungeon, Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa arrive at the dungeon. Klaus comments about how the stone tablet has not been destroyed, and that they will have to be careful since the enemy can attack anyway possible. Mimosa comments about how wonderful this place is since it is not cold even through the place is covered in snow. Mimosa wonders if that is because of the mana that is coming from the stone tablet. Klaus says that the other Magic Knights are late and how they must protect the tablet. Mimosa tells Klaus that its okay to rest for a bit but Klaus replies that he is always like this, which Yuno thinks about how the two are at it again.

Suddenly Yuno notices a presences and tells the two that someone is coming. Freese suddenly appears and greets the Magic Knights of the Golden Dawn. Freese says that this is boring since they are the only ones here and that they are wasting her time. Klaus tells Freese to end their ambition here since they are going to protect the stone tablet. Freese tells them to do not be ridiculous since what could they do. Freese then says that they should do something until their comrades arrive.

Yuno attacks with his Tornado Fang spell at Freese, but Freese manages to evade the spell. Freese says that Yuno should listen to people until they finish and says that he will need to discipline Yuno. Klaus attacks with his Blazing Spiral Lance spell but Freese also dodge that to. Yuno notices what Klaus has done, which Klaus tell Yuno to back him up. Freese compliments Klaus's reaction time but this standard of magic will not stop him. Mimosa asks what Freese is looking at, which Freese notices that Mimosa is preparing a spell. Mimosa fires her Magic Cannon Flower spell but Freese manages to withstand the spell. Klaus comments about how strong Freese is, since the three of them could not even put a scratch on him. Yuno thinks about how he cannot lose to an opponent, no matter how strong they are. Freese compliments the fine magic that the three have, and that he will let them live since he will try to make better use of them. Klaus wonders what Freese is saying, when Freese uses his Bewitching Moonlight spell on the three. Freese proclaims that they are his and that he will use their magic.

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