Zenon's Power 「ゼノンの力 Zenon no Chikara」 is the 238th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As they see that William Vangeance has been defeated, Klaus Lunettes wonders just who or what Zenon Zogratis is. Yuno remembers Zenon's face from the memories that Ralph Niaflem showed him.[1] Zenon notes that Gaderois Godroc and Foyal Migusteau failed and that there is no point in bringing along anyone who is not over 50%. Terrified by Zenon, Sylph tells Yuno to activate his Spirit Dive spell.

As Zenon attacks Yuno, Klaus, and Letoile with his Bone Magic, the three notice that there is no space to evade. Klaus and Letoile put up barriers to block the spell but the magic easily destroys the barriers. Yuno manages to cut through the bones, which Zenon notices. Yuno checks on Klaus and Letoile, but they have been skewered by the bones.[2] Yuno thinks about his comrades and his past, and then charges at Zenon. As Yuno clashes against Zenon's bones, he notices that his Spirit of Zephyr cannot cut through them since they are regenerating faster than he can erode them. Zenon notices that Yuno is a Stage Zero mage, and says that he will show Yuno 55% of his devil's power. Yuno suddenly sees the image of a devil behind Zenon.[3] Zenon creates a bone sword and uses it to destroy Yuno's Spirit of Zephyr spell. Zenon comments that Yuno is not weak but he is just far stronger. Zenon then attacks Yuno while saying that this is all for the benefit of the Spade Kingdom.

Later Ralph Niaflem manages to reach the Golden Dawn base and notices that the building has been destroyed. He enters and sees Yuno laying on the ground with Sylph crying on his chest and a sword piercing him.[4] After seeing this, Ralph calls out Yuno's name.

Magic and Spells used

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