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Sheer Obstinacy 「たた頑なに Tata Katakuna ni」 is the 237th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In the courtyard of the Golden Dawn base, Klaus Lunettes and two others Magic Knights are surrounded by mist. Klaus thinks thinks about how insane the enemy's spell is and that it is impossible to pin down the enemy.[1] Suddenly Foyal Migusteau appears and compliments Klaus on how solid his magic is. Klaus attacks the enemy in front of him with his Blazing Spiral Lance but the enemy turns out to be a mist clone. Foyal taunts Klaus about how his spell will never hit him since they are all solid, and then launches multiple water bullets at Klaus and his allies. The bullets break down Klaus's barrier down and batter the Knights. Foyal says that they will never win since he is a genius Stage Zero mage that was chosen by the Dark Triad.

Letoile Becquerel is protecting herself within her Another Atlas spell, and thinks about how she has to do something or they will all be annihilated. Letoile thinks about how her Useless North spell will not respond within the mist and she cannot even make her Another Atlas spell bigger. Letoile thinks about to do when William Vangeance told them that they still have the power of the elves within them and how they will use that power to protect the Clover Kingdom.[2] Letoile also thinks about how even after a half a year of training they may have managed to make the power their own but they are still not at the level of the elves. Letoile then thinks about how the enemy's magic is just too powerful.

Foyal laughs at Klaus and tells him to give up since his spells are broken and his body is a mess. The Disciple says that Klaus does not have a chance of beating him, but Klaus replies that his will has not been broken. Foyal tells Klaus to hurry up and die, but Yuno comes in and uses his Wind Magic to blow all the mists away. Foyal thinks about how Yuno is his natural enemy, and uses his Sealing Spectral Hands spell to bind Yuno. Yuno thinks about how he is tired from his last fight, while Foyal tells them that they will not defeat him no matter how many of them there are. Letoile manages to locate where the enemy's real body is and charges towards him. She gets close enough and uses her Another Atlas spell to trap the enemy and strip away his mists. When Klaus appears behind the Disciple, Foyal is shocked that Klaus is still able to move even with all the damage he has taken. Klaus thinks about how he trained so hard and uses his Blazing Spiral Lance spell to defeat the Disciple. He tells Foyal that he can still move because he trains like crazy.[3]

Klaus thanks Letoile and Yuno because they saved him back there. As Yuno is polite with Klaus, Klaus tells him to stop being polite since Yuno is the vice-captain, but Yuno replies that Klaus should stop calling him the vice-captain since it is creepy. Letoile says that it does not really matter to them. Suddenly Zenon Zogratis and William Vangeance come crashing from the ceiling. Yuno, Klaus, and Letoile notice that William has been defeated, and Zenon notices that not all the Golden Dawns are dead yet.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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