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The Dark Triad漆黒の三極性ダークトライアド Dāku Toraiado」 is the 231st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Noelle Silva brings Finral Roulacase and Mimosa Vermillion to the mobile fortress where Asta is, and comments about how reckless Asta is. Inside of the fortress, Asta shows the captive citizens that he has defeated the strongest guy there and says that he has also defeated the rest of the soldiers too. Suddenly Asta notices Noelle, Finral, and Mimosa, compliments Noelle's armor, and adds that she is even capable of maintaining it and Sea Dragon's Cradle through the Grand Magic Zone. Noelle drops the water bubble on Asta, much to Asta's shock. Noelle comments about how hard it is to control a transportation spell in the chaotic mana, and Mimosa thanks Noelle since they were able to arrive at the fortress safely.[1] Noelle then comments to Asta about how he left her behind while thinking that he should think about bringing her along, and Mimosa comments about how that is so like Asta. As Finral gets up, he thinks about how he was getting excited about being near Noelle and Mimosa but quickly thinks about how he was not getting excited since he has Finesse. Suddenly Finral notices a women and quickly gets close while asking if she is alright and that he will take care of her real gentle-like. Finral notices what he is doing and backs off, while commenting about how he cannot get worked up over any girl since he has Finesse. Asta comments about how much Finral has grown in just half a year, which Finral thanks Asta for his comment. Noelle wonders what is incredible about Finral and says that Finral and Asta are morons. Noelle also comments about how she cannot believe that Finral has a fiancée and wonders if this is just a delusion of Finral's, which Finral tells her that it is real.

Mimosa starts to heal all those that had their mana drained, and explains to them that she cannot do anything about their mana but she can help with their stamina. Asta comments about how powerful Mimosa has become, which Mimosa thanks Asta while also saying that it is all thanks to the special training with the Spirit Guardians. The captive citizens comment about how incredible the four are but also say that they have nowhere to go. Lolopechka thought this was the perfect opportunity to attack the Spade Kingdom after Asta rushed off.[2] Noelle then tells the citizens that some of their comrades are already heading to their homes, to liberate them from the Spade Kingdom's military that is occupying them.

In the Spade Kingdom, Luck Voltia and Leopold Vermillion are attacking the soldiers that are occupying the citizens' town. As Luck attacks the soldiers, he asks if this is all they are capable of. As Leopold attacks the soldiers, he says that they will never be a match for him since they are only Second Stage mages. After the two take care of the soldiers, they contact Asta and tell him that they have finished taking care of the Spade soldiers at the town. As Asta is shocked by this news, Leopold tells him that they will not let him have all the fun. Asta comments about how big Leopold has gotten, to which Leopold responds that he would get big like his siblings, which makes Asta jealous. Finral tells Asta that he has marked this location and that he will be back to pick them up later, for which Asta thanks him. One of the citizens asks what they are planning to do to their town, so Asta tells them that they are not going to do anything since it is their town. Asta also tells them that Finral will be back soon to take them to their town. The citizens comment about how they can head home and not have their mana drained, and they thank Asta for freeing them. He then tells them that they are only in the Spade Kingdom to defeat the devil. One of the citizens reveals that the Spade Kingdom is currently being ruled by mages known as the Dark Triad and how their strength is almost like that of a devil.[3]

At a castle in the Spade Kingdom, the Dark Triad meet with each other at a table. Dante Zogratis asks Zenon if he has grown accustomed to the power of the devil yet. Zenon says that he mostly has. Vanica complains that Zenon go to the Diamond Kingdom all by himself and that she wants to do something big too. Dante compliments her improvement over the last half year. Vanica asks what she is supposed to do since she has improved so much. Dante says that it is about time that they made their move. Zenon asks why they waited half a year. Dante tells them that everything was to prepare them for the moment that shall be upon them, and that it would be no fun if the game is over so soon. Dante adds that all the lives are in the palm of their hands, and wonders where they should attack first.[4]

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